From large scale Industrial Automation to modest home offices, AAEON's offerings drive many of today's industries and businesses. Click through the section below to learn more about how you can most effectively apply these solutions to your requirement

Food & Beverage

AAEON Solution: The Bread and Butter for any Successful F&B Enterprise

Transportation & Harbor

AAEON Solution Drives the Transportation Industry to an Intelligent Tomorrow

Network Appliance

Networking Task Made Easy with AAEON Solutions

Smart Community

Enable the IoT Lifestyle with AAEON Solutions

Digital Signage

Dazzle Your Audience with AAEON Solutions

Entertainment & Gaming

Go Next-Gen with AAEON's Entertainment & Gaming Solutions

Life Automation & Retail

Make Your Life Easier with AAEON Solutions

Energy & Utilities

Contribute to a Greener World with AAEON Solutions

Data Centers

Let AAEON Solutions Help You with Big Data

Government & Military

High Quality Hardware for Enforcing the Law or Other Civic Duties

Intelligent Vending Machine

Brainy helps you to reduce the total costs of ownership by a faster solution development and implementation.