COM Express Type 10 with Intel® 6th gen Core™ ULT series CPU



    COM Express Type 10 Module with the 6th Gen Intel® Core™ Series CPUs.

    Traditionally powered by SoCs instead of a full-fledged processor due to the limited area, which measures 84 x 55 mm (equivalent to a business card), the NanoCOM-SKU, the latest entry to the company’s NanoCOM product line, greatly improves on that with an Intel® Core™ i7-6600U CPU, along with a maximum of 4 GB of onboard DDR4 memory while drawing about 18W of power in full loading, a string of feats still unheard of in the embedded community. SKUs with other Core processors and RAM are also available.

    With an exceptional level of performance but still retaining the compactness of the form factor, the module is slated to eliminate the bottlenecks and inadequacies commonly found in Atom™ or other equivalent SoC-powered modules when applied on more performance-demanding applications, which include graphics-intensive medical equipment or digital signage, and high-loading robotics and automation controllers used in industrial automation, bringing not only the best in any situation, but also opening new realm for more possibilities.


    • Intel® Core™ i7-6600U series SOC
    • Onboard 4GB DDR4 memory
    • Gigabit Ethernet x 1
    • 18/24-bit Single-Channel LVDS LCDs/eDP, DDIx1
    • High Definition Audio Interface
    • SATA x 2
    • USB3.0 x2, USB2.0 x 8
    • PCI-Express〔x1〕 x 4
    • GPIO x 8, SMbus, I2C, LPC
    • COM Express Mini size, type 10, 84mm x 55mm
    • Support Industrial Temperature

    仕様 [NANOCOM-SKU]

    Form FactorCOM Express Mini size, Type 10
    CPUIntel® 6th Gen U series CPU upto i7-6600U
    CPU Frequency-
    ChipsetIntel® SoC
    Memory TypeNon-EEC DDR4-2133, 4GB
    Max. Memory Capacity-
    BIOSAMI BIOS, Legacy free BIOS
    Wake on LANYes
    Watchdog TimerITE IT8528VG
    Power RequirementNormal: +12V
    Power Supply Type
    Power Consumption (Typical)i7-6600U 12V@1.5A, i3-6100U 12V@1.42A. Under 100% loading.
    CPU Set to 15W TDP. CPU base frequency may change accordingly.
    Dimension (L x W)84mm x 55mm
    Operating Temperature32°F~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C)
    -40°F~ 185°F (-40°C ~ 85°C)
    Storage Temperature-4°F ~ 158°F (-20°C ~ 70°C)
    Operating Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    MTBF (hours)80,000
    VGA/LCD Controller-
    Video OutputLVDS Interface. Supports 18bit and 24bit Single channel

    Graphic Engine, LVDS/eDP, DDI x 1
    EthernetIntel® I219 GbE
    AudioHD Audio x 1
    USB PortUSB3.0 x 2, USB2.0 x 8
    Serial Port-
    HDD Interface-
    FDD Interface-
    Expansion Slot-

    ご注文情報 [NANOCOM-SKU]

    Part NumberNANOCOM- SKUW2-A10-0001NANOCOM-SKU-A10-0001NANOCOM-SKU-A10-0003
    com express type 10 (COM.0 Rev 2.1) 10 (COM.0 Rev 2.1) 10 (COM.0 Rev 2.1)
    cpu 6th Gen. Intel® Core™
    i7-6600U 2c/2.6GHz
    6th Gen. Intel® Core™
    i7-6600U 2c/2.6GHz
    6th Gen. Intel® Core™
    i3-6100U 2c/2.3GHz
    memory 4GB DDR4 4GB DDR4 4GB DDR4
    display LVDS/(eDP), DDI x1 LVDS/(eDP), DDI x1 LVDS/(eDP), DDI x1
    lvds 18/24b 1CH (LVDS
    share with eDP)
    18/24b 1CH (LVDS
    share with eDP)
    18/24b 1CH (LVDS
    share with eDP)
    storage SATA x2 SATA x2 SATA x2
    lan GbE x1 GbE x1 GbE x1
    usb USB3.0 x2
    USB2.0 x8
    USB3.0 x2
    USB2.0 x8
    USB3.0 x2
    USB2.0 x8
    uart 2 (Tx/Rx) 2 (Tx/Rx) 2 (Tx/Rx)
    expansion slot PCI-E[x1] x4 PCI-E[x1] x4 PCI-E[x1] x4
    power 12V 12V 12V
    power temp -45°C~85°C 0°C~60°C 0°C~60°C
    others I2C, SMBus,
    I2C, SMBus,
    I2C, SMBus,

    ダウンロード [NanoCOM-SKU]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • ドライバ
    • マニュアル


    Part Number Description
    ECB-920A-A10-0001 COMe Type 1/6/10 Carrier Board, ATX, GbE, 8 USB, 2 COM, 4 SATA, PCIe, AT/ATX, Legacy Free, Rev. A1.0
    NANOCOM-SKU-HSP01 Heat Spreader, 84 x 55 x 11 mm, Black, NanoCOM-SKU
    NANOCOM-FAN01 CPU Cooler, 84 x 55 x 22.2 mm, Sliver use w/ HSP

    FAQ [NanoCOM-SKU]

    How to make USB3.0 driver in windows 7 IMG