BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI BOXER-8130AI nvidia preferred partner nvidia preferred partner


    AI@Edge无风扇嵌入式 Box PC, 搭载NVIDIA Jetson TX2, MIPI-CSI2接口



    BOXER-8130AI配备有NVIDIA Jetson TX2,支持256个CUDA内核和Tensorflow、Caffe2和Mxnet等一系列人工智能框架。用户还可以使用自己的人工智能推理软件安装本设备。这些特性使得BOXER-8130AI非常适合边缘人工智能应用。

    BOXER-8130AI可通过MIPI CSI-II接口连接至六个摄像头,使客户同时观察六个屏幕,实现更大范围的监控。

    了解有关研扬科技AI@Edge 解决方案的更多信息。


    • 智能零售
    • 保安机器人
    • 智能城市监控
    • 缺陷检测

    网上订购 (最快3工作天内快速出货)


    • Nvidia TX2 Module
    • HMP Dual Denver 2 + Quad ARM A57
    • 8GB LPDDR4
    • 32GB eMMC 5.1
    • HDMI 2.0
    • USB 3.0 x 2
    • GbE LAN x 1
    • RS-232 x1
    • MIPI-CSI2 connector x1
    • Compact Size chassis

    技术规格 [BOXER-8130AI]

    CPUHMP Dual Denver 2 + Quad ARM A57
    System Memory8GB LPDDR4
    AI SolutionNVIDIA Jetson TX2
    Display InterfaceHDMI 2.0 x 1
    Storage Device32GB eMMC 5.1
    Ethernet10/100/1000 Base-TX x 1
    I/OUSB Type A x 2 for USB 3.0
    RJ-45 x 1 for GbE LAN Ethernet
    DB-9 x 1 for RS-232
    Remote on/off switch x 1
    Antenna Holes x 2
    MicroSD x 1
    OTG x 1
    ExpansionSATA x1 (optional)
    USB 2 x 3 (optional)
    MIPI-CSI2 board to board connector x1 (The connector used on the carrier board is a Samtec QSH-060-01-H-D-A. The mating connector is a Samtec QTH-060-01-H-D-A.)
    IndicatorPower LED
    OS supportAAEON ACLinux 4.9, Compliance with Ubantu 18.04
    power supply
    Power Requirement10~24V with 2-pin terminal block
    Dimension6.02" x 1.18" x 3.98" (153mm x 30mm x 101mm)
    Gross Weight4.40 lb (2 Kg)
    Net Weight2.20 lb (1 Kg)
    Operating Temperature-4°F ~ 122°F(-20°C ~ 50°C,with 0.5 m/s AirFlow)
    Storage Temperature-13°F ~176 °F (-25°C ~ 80°C)
    Storage Humidity95% @ 40°C, non-condensing
    Anti-VibrationRandom, 5 Grm, 5~500Hz
    CertificationCE/FCC class A

    订购信息 [BOXER-8130AI]

    Part NumberBOXER-8130AI-A1-1010
    cpu HMP Dual Denver 2 + Quad ARM A57
    ram 8
    lan 1
    usb USB 3.0 x 2
    rs-232 1
    digital i/o
    storage 32G eMMC
    display HDMI x 1
    expansion MicroSD x1
    SATA x1 (option)
    USB 2 x 3 (option)
    MIPI-CSI2 board to board connector x1
    mounting Wallmount
    power 10V ~ 24V
    operation temperature -20°C ~ 50°C

    下载 [BOXER-8130AI]

    • Datasheet
    • Image
    • Manual


    • 壁挂式支架 x 1
    • BOXER-8130AI
    • 电源接口 x 1


    1255300611 Power Adapter
    1702031802 Power Cord (US Type)
    1702031803 Power Cord (Europe)
    170203180E Power Cord (Japan)

    FAQ [BOXER-8130AI]

    BOXER-8110-8120-8130-8150AI Base on which version of Jetpack modify to ACLINUXis_4.4_D?
    BOXER-8110-8120-8130-8150AI Linux OS "ACLinux_4.4_ACLNX44D.NV02.BOXER-8110-8120-8130-8150AI.TB5.tar.gz" base on JETPACK-L4T- 3.3-Linux-x64 modify it.
    Why BOXER-81xx can't install nVidia release image directly?
    The nVidia Jetson TX2 image defaults to config 2 (USB3.0x1, PCIex4), and the BOXER-81xx series is modified to config3 (USB3.0x2, PCIex3). The difference between the two is the design of USB3.0. If you install an nVidia release image, the USB feature will not work.Please refer to the following table.For details, please contact AAEON Technician.