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    COM Express Type 6 Basic Size ,第8代/第9代Intel®Core™H系列/ Xeon™处理器



    COM Express Type 6 Basic Size ,第8代/第9代Intel®Core™H系列/ Xeon™处理器


    • Intel® Coffee Lake-H 8th / 9th Generation i3/i5/i7/ Xeon-E
    • Processors
    • 3x SODIMM DDR4 2666 Memory up to 48GB, ECC support (by SKU, with CM246 PCH)
    • Intel I219 Gigabit Ethernet
    • VGA, 18/24-bit 2ch LVDS or 4-lane eDP, DDI up to 3
    • High Definition Audio Interface
    • SATA x 4, USB2.0 x 8, USB 3.0 X 4
    • PCI-Express [x1] x 8, PCI-Express [x16] x1
    • GPIO x 8, SMbus, I2C, LPC
    • COM Express Basic Size, Pin-Out Type 6, 125mmx95mm

    技术规格 [COM-CFHB6]

    Form FactorCOM Express Basic Size, Type 6
    CPU8th/9th Gen Intel® Core™ / Xeon™-E Series Processor (i7-8850H / i5-8400H / i3-8100H / Xeon™-E2176M)
    CPU FrequencyUp to Xeon-E2176M, 6c/ 2.7GHz
    ChipsetIntel® QM370/CM246 PCH
    Memory TypeSO-DIMM DDR4 2666 Socket x 3
    Max. Memory Capacityup to 48GB,ECC Support ( only with CM246 PCH)
    BIOSAMI BIOS, Legacy free BIOS
    Wake on LANYes
    Watchdog Timer255 Levels
    Power RequirementNormal: +12V
    Power Supply TypeAT/ATX Selection
    Power Consumption (Typical)Intel ® Xeon ® E-2176M CPU @2.70GHz, DDR4 16GB x 3, Full load: 62.4W,
    Dimension (L x W)4.92" x 3.75" (125mm x 95mm)
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C)
    -20°C ~ 70°C by screening
    Storage Temperature-4˚F ~ 158˚F (-20˚C ~ 70˚C)
    Operating Humidity10% ~ 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
    MTBF (hours)80,000
    CertificationCE/FCC Class A
    VGA/LCD ControllerIntel® GT2-P630 (E2176M) / GT2-630 ( I7/I5/I3 Series)
    Video OutputVGA, 18/24b 2ch LVDS/eDP, DDI x 2 (3rd one can be added if VGA not require)
    EthernetIntel® Ethernet I219 GbE x1
    AudioHD Audio
    USB PortUSB 2.0 x 8 , USB 3.0 x 4
    Serial Port2-wire UART(TX/RX ) x 2
    HDD InterfaceSATA x 4
    FDD Interface-
    Expansion SlotPCIe [x1] x 8
    PCIe [x16] x 1
    LPC x1
    SMBUS x 1
    2-wire UART x 2
    TPMSupport 1.2 / 2.0(Optional)

    订购信息 [COM-CFHB6]

    Part NumberCOM-CFHB6-A10-0001COM-CFHB6-A10-0002
    com express type Type 6 Type 6
    cpu Xeon E-2176M I7-8850H
    memory DDR4 SO-DIMM x 3 DDR4 SO-DIMM x 3
    display VGA, DDIx2 (up to 3) VGA, DDIx2 (up to 3)
    lvds 18/24b 2ch LVDS/eDP 18/24b 2ch LVDS/eDP
    storage SATAIII x4 SATAIII x4
    lan GbE x1 GbE x1
    usb USB 2.0 x8
    USB 3.1 x4
    USB 2.0 x8
    USB 3.1 x4
    uart 2-wire (Tx/Rx) x 2 2-wire (Tx/Rx) x 2
    expansion PCIe [x1] x 8
    PCIe[x16] x1
    LPC x1
    SMBUS x 1
    PCIe [x1] x 8
    PCIe[x16] x1
    LPC x1
    SMBUS x 1
    power +12V +12V
    temperature 0°C ~ 60°C 0°C ~ 60°C

    下载 [COM-CFHB6]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • Driver
    • Manual


    • COM-CFHB6-A10


    ECB-920A-A10-0001 COMe Type 1/6/10.Carrier Board.ATX.GbE.8USB, 2COM.4SATA.PCIe.AT/ATX.Legacy Free.Rev. A1.0
    COM-CFHB6-FAN01 CPU Cooler.FAN+Heat Sink.125*95*41.55mm for COM-CFHB6
    COM-CFHB6-HSP01 Heat Spreader.125*95.Black.COM-CFHB6
    COM-FAN01 CPU Cooler.125*95.Silver.use w/HSP

    CPU Support Matrix 1

    CPU Core/Thread. Base Clock/Turbo Cache ECC Support Graphic Chipset
    XEON E-2176M 6c/12t 2.7GHz/4.4GHz 12M V GT2-P630 CM246
    i7-8850H 6c/12t 2.6GHz/4.3GHz 9M X GT2-630 QM370
    i5-8400H 4c/8t 2.5GHz/4.2GHz 8M X GT2-630 QM370
    i3-8100H 4c/4t 3.0GHz 6M X GT2-630 QM370

    CPU Support Matrix 2

    CPU Core/Thread. Base Clock/Turbo Cache ECC Support Graphic Chipset
    XEON E-2276ME/ML 6c/12t ; HE:2.8GHz/4.5GHz ;HL:2.0GHz/4.2GHz 12M V GT2-P630 CM246
    XEON E-2254ME/ML 4c/8t; HE:2.6GHz/3.8GHz; HL:1.7GHz/3.5GHz 8M V GT2-P630 CM246
    i7-9850HE/HL 6c/12t; HE:2.7GHz/4.4GHz; HL:1.9GHz/4.1GHz 9M X GT2-630 QM370
    i3-9100HL 4c/4t; 3.0GHz 6M V GT2-630 CM246