Hero SDKHero SDK


    Super Powered Hardware Management

    High Efficiency, Reliable and Optimal SDK


    Make Hardware Monitoring and Control a Snap!

    HERO SDK from AAEON is an innovative new toolkit to help developers with monitoring and controlling hardware on AAEON platforms. HERO SDK helps to speed up development time and enable developers to easily migrate their application between AAEON platforms. HERO SDK achieves this by working with an API embedded in the BIOS, moving hardware control out of the Linux Kernel and onto the BIOS. This eliminates the need for drivers, allowing developers to utilize any Linux OS they prefer. AAEON HERO SDK is available in two packages: HERO SDK Basic and HERO SDK Standard. HERO SDK Basic is available to download for free, and provides developers with a powerful set of functions:

    • Initialization Functions
    • Hardware Monitoring Functions
    • Backlight Settings and Configuration
    • Storage Settings and Configuration
    • I2C Bus Functions
    • WATCHDOG Timer Control and Settings
    • GPIO Functions
    • Smart Fan Controls

    HERO SDK Benefits:

    Easy Installation

    No Drivers to Configure to control hardware.

    Less Workload

    Allow Hardware Control without having to study system specs.

    OS Independent

    Can operate with any Linux OS on AAEON hardware.

    Jump Start

    Demo Apps and Easy to use Documentation to get you started quickly.

    HERO SDK Basic is available to download for free, and supports any Linux OS running on AAEON systems utilizing the following chipsets:

    9th Generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold, Celeron, and Xeon formerly Coffee Lake

    8th Generation Intel Core, Pentium Gold, and Celeron formerly Whiskey Lake

    Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron formerly Gemini Lake

    For users needing more powerful tools and functions, HERO SDK Standard will soon be available for purchase, with additional features including a web-based hardware monitoring interface. HERO SDK is available by request for Android, and certain Linux OSes not operating on the above processors. Please contact your AAEON sales rep or supplier for more details. Please note HERO SDK for systems other than the above mentioned is only supported on Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, openSUSE, and Fedora.