Network Solution for Small Scale Enterprises



    If you are running a purist coffee shop which offers nothing more than a fresh brew, chances are your superior product will still not be enough to retain the hearts of customers. Many will be seeking out places with more varied offerings than what’s in their cups, however good or bad that might be.

    And what’s better to add more flavor to a nice cup of Joe than the sweet taste of Wi-Fi? Some far-sighted coffee shops and restaurant chains in the U.S. have already acknowledged this fact. While it is their job to satisfy their customers’ taste buds, it is up to AAEON to supply them this technological confectionery.


    AAEON's Solution

    FWS-2251 Network Appliance

    Like a soldier in an intangible battlefield, the high powered FWS-2251 is a powerful and superior firewall-cum-router fully armed for guarding any small scale networks, like that of coffee shops or home office environment’s, with its quad-core Intel® Celeron® J1900 processor providing the muscle for the setting up firewalls, VPNs, as well as other security features not found in other contenders on the market.

    But what’s under the hood may not attract as much eyes as the hood itself , which, aside from being subtly cool with an all-white color scheme, also features a total of six antennas.

    Why six antennas when its cousins have typically two? Because without the other two pairs, the device will not be able to support as many types of wireless signals and therefore, the ability to make use of Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE would be impossible. With more antennas, more signals can be obtained for making wireless signals broadcast and lessen the dependency on wired connections, an often tricky and costly proposition for remote/rural locations.

    Finally, the network resources from the abovementioned sources will be well managed with the device’s loading balancing capability. Regardless of how vigorously the users exploit their network, the device will make certain everyone has a fair share of the available bandwidth.


    Wireless technology can be regarded as the next best thing since sliced bread. With the FWS-2251, its full taste can finally be presented with innovation and foresight.