E-Attendance SystemE-Attendance System

    E-Attendance System


    It’s an obligation for every organization to give back to the society that made them. As one of the leading manufacturers of embedded solutions in Taiwan, AAEON, and its associating non-profit organization (NPO), the AAEON Foundation, took on the role of organizing the 2015 Annual Education Fund Conference, a meeting that proved to be a resounding success to over 700 NPOs under the supervision of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education to discuss matters of promoting education to rural areas, arts, technology and reading.

    With dignitaries like Taiwan’s Minister of Education Mr. Wu Se-hwa and Chairman of AAEON Group Mr. YS Chuang gracing the occasion, as well as a strong turnout, a smooth proceeding, from start to finish, was of paramount importance. AAEON’s own innovative E-Attendance system was adopted as the perfect showcase of how AAEON’s mobile technology manages to bring speed and efficiency to our everyday lives.


    AAEON’s Solution

    RTC-600A Rugged Tablet w/ Barcode Scanner

    Before the commencement of the event, a database storing the particulars of the guests was created for the generation of QR codes, which was sent via email or SMS.

    Armed with a scanner-equipped RTC-600A tablet, the attendants stationed at the entrance scanned this QR code to mark the guests’ attendance to the event, confirmed and seen by the guests themselves on a notebook hooked up to the tablet via Wi-Fi. The data was then transmitted to a cloud server to be used real-time for logistical arrangements (eg. number of lunchboxes to order, etc). At the end of the day, guests “checked-out” by having their codes scanned again so that the actual attendance was captured for post-event analysis and archiving.


    This approach to attendance-taking takes the hassle out of a typical time-consuming task and replaces it with speed. It does not congest the venue with long lines or the guest marking their attendance themselves, undoing the norm by having the tablet-wielding attendants approach them instead.

    The tablet itself is small and light enough to be carried around by anyone. Its rugged construction ensures any accidental drops or other mishandlings will not disrupt the flow of the entire proceeding. In addition, with the accompaniment of reliable scanner, not only can codes printed on paper be read, so can those within an electronic medium like the touchscreen of a smartphone.



    This is the first time a system like this was implemented for the Conference and the response was overwhelmingly positive”, commented Alan Yang, Vice CEO of AAEON Foundation and head of the Organizing Committee, “Besides making the task more simplified, the E-Attendance system was the perfect embodiment and realization of the Conference’s theme: Crossing over technology with innovation”.