Application Story: Portable punctuality with in-the-field employee attendance systems


    Customer challenges

    Whether they’re running stalls at trade shows, directing construction sites, or managing large-scale events, many companies conduct a lot of their business in the field, and that makes it difficult for them to keep track of their employees’ working hours. Old-fashioned clock-in systems often require external power sources and almost always involve paper records that can easily be lost. In the digital age, companies are demanding faster and more effective solutions.

    AAEON’s solution

    Using its expertise in rugged mobile systems, AAEON has worked with software developers to produce a portable employee attendance solution based on the RTC-700B 7” rugged tablet.



    Clocking-in options

    As the RTC-700B is an active NFC device, employees can simply wave NFC-enabled ID cards in front of it to clock in and out. The antenna can also be moved from the rear to the side of the tablet for ease of use when the device is wall mounted. As an option, the tablet can be fitted with a barcode or magnetic strip reader.


    Rugged technology

    The RTC-700B is rated IP65, has an operational temperature range of -20°C to 50°C, and its PCT touchscreen can be operated by a person wearing gloves.


    User-friendly accessories

    To improve ease of use, AAEON offers a series of accessories including a hand strap, carry bag, docking station, and desktop stand.