AAEON’s Intel Core-Powered PICO-KBU4 will Help Your Applications Take Flight

    Let Your Applications Take Flight


    The PICO-KBU4 is a rugged, palm-sized motherboard with a powerful 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i processor – formerly Kaby Lake – and DDR4 SODIMM memory. In addition to its enviable computing power, it also boasts a 0°C~60°C operating temperature range and an extensive I/O interface that features a pair of GbE LAN ports and an optional board-to-board interface. Onboard M.2 B and E keys can be used to add storage and WiFi / Bluetooth connectivity. The PICO-KBU4’s combination of features make it perfect for conventional machine vision systems and exciting new applications.




    The light, compact, and low power consumption PICO-KBU4 is tailor-made for drones that need to remain in the air for extended periods of time. Fitted with a high-performance CPU and GPIO, it can reliably manage multiple peripherals such as HD cameras and sensors, and this makes it perfect for surveillance tools and air quality monitors.



    In the field of robotics, there has traditionally been a trade-off between size and power when it comes to installing an embedded controller. With the PICO-KBU4, however, this isn’t the case. The board is small enough to fit into tight spaces, and its incredible performance allows robots to operate more quickly and reliably.