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    Application Story: Computerized Restaurant Ordering and Billing System


    The Challenge

    A leading sushi restaurant wanted to provide diners with individual tablets on which they could place orders and then monitor the status of their food through to its delivery. To ensure the highest level of customer experience, a high-resolution graphics package was essential. The company also wanted to integrate an automatic billing solution into its new system for greater efficiency.

    RICO-3288 Product Page

    AAEON’s solution

    The restaurant chain is now using the RICO-3288 as the backbone of its POS system. The board adopts the Android 6.0 OS to generate high-resolution images that beautifully present dishes to customers. After looking at the menu, diners can place their orders using the touch panel.

    The board is connected to an NFC reader through an I²C bus, and readers installed under customer tables track NFC tags on the plates diners take from the conveyor belt. In the event of software malfunction, restaurant servers can use a USB drive to recover the system – a process that takes less than three minutes.

    The system has allowed the company to improve customer satisfaction, directly market new products and promotional deals, and streamline its staff.

    Why AAEON?

    • AAEON has years of experience developing flexible, reliable hardware solutions.

    • AAEON has the ability to combine the flexibility and short development times of RISC technology with high-resolution, Android-based solutions.

    Our Solution