Industrial Touch Display

    AAEON launches the ACP product line, a series of elegantly designed, highly customizable industrial touch displays that will consolidate system integration, IoT and smart home applications, as well as providing a more flexible option for product lifecycle management and smart factory processes. They are designed for infotainment remote applications such as Digital Signage, Information Displays, Home Automation, POS and KIOSK applications. AAEON’s industrial touch displays are ideal for applications in Industry 4.0, from product line management to smart city power grids, and other forms of data-driven service management in an IoT context.

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    Industrial Multi-touch Display for Infotainment

    Industrial Multi-touch Display for Infotainment

    AAEON’s top industrial-grade Cloud technology displays that support both Remote and Cloud displays. For remote display function, users can install the display anywhere and connect to the host PC by LAN. For Cloud display function, one host PC can support up to four displays.

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