AAEON at Smart City Summit & Expo 2017


Smart City Summit & Expo 2017

【Taipei, Taiwan】 At Smart City Summit & Expo 2017 in Taipei, Taiwan, AAEON will demonstrate practical IoT implementations suitable for Smart City deployments. AAEON embrace a new realm of possibilities as computing expands to encompass billions of smart and connected devices using the power of the cloud to deliver new experiences and data-rich services.

AAEON will showcase three instances of commercially successful IoT solutions: Airbox, Intelligent Vending, and the Smart Street Lighting System.

AirBox detects PM 2.5 particulate matter, enabling significant quality of life improvements for local governments’ smart city projects. Additionally, AirBox collects temperature and humidity data that is uploaded to the ASUS OmniStore IoT cloud platform. The collated data is available for research organizations to analyze pollution sources and add further value to applications.

AAEON are ushering in a new retail era where vending machines evolve from simply connected objects to real intelligent entities that help manufacturers and operators offer better services to consumers, and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Powered by the UP Board, integration into existing vending machines is effortless and provides a future-proof solution to equip new machines with additional functions including digital signage, proximity marketing, and self-adaptation by customer recognition. The range of new possible applications and functions are limitless.

The AAEON Smart Street Lighting System integrating LoRa wireless communication is the result of extensive co-operation with industry partners. Operators are able to schedule lighting plans and alter light levels, in addition to collecting incredibly granular data for analysis. Predictive maintenance enables increased reliability resulting in a more efficiently lit city with corresponding improvements in safety and ROI.

Smart City Summit & Expo 2017 is February 21 to February 24, 201, in Taipei, Taiwan.


Established in 1992, AAEON successfully established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced industrial and embedded computing platforms. AAEON maintains a strong market position providing integrated solutions, hardware, and bespoke services for premier OEM, ODM, and system integrators worldwide.

Designing within our own labs and manufacturing on our own production lines, AAEON is able to embrace the practice of innovation to reinvent and deliver truly transformational solutions. This deep integration further enables AAEON to protect its strong brand image, and maintain full control of our products ensuring our partners receive the very highest standard of product.

Our commitment to excellence underpins our dedication to continuous improvement and sees our distinguished Research and Development department exceed 20% of our total employees. This also underscores our devotion of more than 10% of our revenue to investment in our R&D process.
AAEON continues to focus on the pursuit informed innovation, to challenge the boundaries of technology, and respond with greater functionality and excellence. The partnership with ASUS in 2011 reflects this. The partnership continues to enable a mutually beneficial leveraging of advanced technology, and resources.

AAEON aspires to benefit from attentive relations with both customers and partners to sustain profitable growth.