Integrating Machine Vision & Speedy Customization with AAEON's GENE-SKU6

Vivien Wang 2017-06-27

A high-performing, quiet fanless solution that works around the clock

(Taipei, Taiwan) AAEON, an award-winning developer and supplier of network hardware worldwide, is pleased to announce that Technavio’s research report has ranked AAEON as one of the top 5 global industrial panel PC market vendors for 2017.

A major developer of industrial automation and intelligent control solutions, AAEON launches the GENE-SKU6, a small yet sophisticated multi-functional compact board developed to combat the versatile and ever-changing landscape of Industry 4.0.

Compactly designed for low-power, high-efficiency consumption in confined environments, the GENE-SKU6 boasts a unique layout with the CPU(i7-6600U) located on the solder side of the board, which is consolidated by a heat spreader that facilitates quiet, fanless heat dissipation and vertical space reduction. The GENE-SKU6 offers multiple expansion platforms, such as MiniCards, mSATA and AAEON’s unique BIO interface, which provides for speedy, dynamic customization and fast turnaround time, making it ideally suited for most industrial or embedded computing applications. PoE (Power over Ethernet) support is also available for optional expansion. This feature provides connection to devices, such as wireless access points or an IP camera, and minimizes the fuss of traditional deployments with long power lines or limitations caused by a shortage of power outlets.

"The GENE-SKU6 offers a highly flexible and dynamic BIO (board-to-board I/O) which can connect a Daughter Board for additional I/O port expansion, allowing users to implement their desired features without investing inordinate amounts of time and money in R&D. As an Intel® Core™ i solution, it can be used in consolidating surveillance systems, data analysis and other forms of smart industrial factory controls, and is ideally suited for smaller spaces, as it stands at 3.5 inches, the same size as a hard disk drive, which will really drive down manufacturing and other production costs," said Julie Huang, Product Manager for AAEON's Embedded Computing Division (ECD).