Leverage your smart manufacturing with AAEON's Modular Panel PCs

Vivien Wang 2017-08-29

A modular-design family of products that is easy to assemble and comes with many premade options

(Taipei, Taiwan) AAEON, an award-winning developer and supplier of industrial solutions worldwide, is pleased to announce that Technavio’s research report has ranked AAEON as one of the top industrial panel PC market vendors for 2017.

A major developer of Industry 4.0 computing solutions, AAEON launches the OMNI-2000/3000 family of products, a group of modularized industrial touch panel PCs that are highly dynamic in design and will efficiently optimize deployment in manufacturing. In this comprehensive package, AAEON offers a wide selection of premade components. Lead time is therefore greatly shortened, enhancing efficiency and effectively lowering costs as customization costs are eliminated. Connectivity options are maximized with full I/O port support, facilitating easier customization and shortening lead time. The panels come in 7 flat LCD sizes, ranging from 10.4” to 21.5”, and feature automatic LCD detection, eliminating the need for individual panel configuration.

These modularized panel PCs come with an inbuilt Panel Mount Bracket that enable easy deployment and installation. The first family of modularized products to be released by AAEON, these rugged modular panel PCs offer a wide variety of solutions tailored for automation management in smart factories, with an effective airflow design and an aluminum casing which provides resistance against corrosion and abrasion, as well as other forms of external stimuli. AAEON’s customary IP65 Front Bezel Design is also a feature for these modular panels, providing additional protection. Along with the IP Bezel Design, they are also equipped with a rugged Aluminum Chassis, which effectively extends product stability and longevity. With its unique rugged heatsink, air flow circulation and thermal management is efficiently and swiftly addressed.

Featuring an open platform design that is easy to integrate with existing infrastructure, the panels are ideal for applications in web-based HMI and SCADA systems. Power protection is also a system highlight, with the power input capped at 9~30V DC, mitigating potential power hazards and providing an all-around safe and hazard-free environment.

"AAEON’s modular panel PC product line will consolidate smart factory applications in a non-hazardous and cost-saving manner, as all the nuts and bolts are there, and all one needs to do is pick and choose which ones they want. With its expansive I/O design, swappable CPU design and ability to support multiple platforms, the modular panel PC series is the first choice for customers to optimize their smart factory lines in a quick, easy and painless fashion," said Alan Chou, Product Manager of AAEON's System Platform Division (SPD).