OMNI-2155: Your “OMNI” Choice for Expandable Panel PCs


"OMNI" comes in different modules

(Taipei, Taiwan) October 20th, 2015 — AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, launches the brand new “OMNI” line of expandable panel PCs with the pioneering model, OMNI-2155.

While customizable panel PCs are nothing new, they often involve stripping the system device down to its individual components and reassembling it to its requested specifications. The OMNI-2155 shortens the lead time involved by adopting a modular design, making the customization process as easy as building Lego® toy bricks.

The panel accomplishes this with a simple connector on the main CPU box, which houses the CPU as well as other essential components on the rear of the panel. Dubbed the “OMNI- slot”, each module is connected to the CPU box through this slot-like a USB device. This “plug and play” approach not only makes customization and expansion much easier, it enables the device to be NRE free, hence driving the overall cost down.

A total of eight modules are currently available: a USB/ COM/ LAN combo module, a dual LAN module, a MiniCard and SIM card module, an RS-232/422/485 module, an isolated RS-232/422/485 module, a digital I/O module, a CAN Bus module, and an audio module.

The panel itself is a 15.6” device sporting a 16:9 P-CAP touchscreen with a full aluminum chassis that offers wider operating temperature and superior cooling over other contemporaries out in the market. The P-CAP touchscreen can be changed to resistive upon request.

“The everlasting popularity in toy bricks serves as the basis for the OMNI-2155’s design concept”, said Tim Lin, Product Manager for AAEON’s Panel Appliances and Automation Division.“Through the use of modules, including/excluding certain features on the device can be done effortlessly which is the direction AAEON will be going towards for future OMNI-products”.