AAEON Wins 7th Place in “Little Giant Group” for CSR Awards Held by The CommonWealth Magazine


An Affirmation of Dedication to Rural Arts Education

【Taipei, Taiwan】AAEON®, a major designer of professional IoT solutions, wins 7th place in Little Giant Group for CSR Awards held by The CommonWealth Magazine. AAEON’s long-term commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has proven to be highly recognized and honored by the judging panel.

The CommonWealth Magazine invites corporate citizens with posted profits over 3 consecutive years (including companies listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, OTC Market, the Emerging Stock Market and Public Companies). In addition, The CommonWealth Magazine’s Top 2000 Survey participants and professionals recommend local enterprises and foreign companies located in Taiwan to participate in the survey. The participants are divided up into 4 groups: Large enterprises with an annual revenue of over NT$10 billion, medium-sized enterprises with an annual revenue below NT$10 billion, foreign enterprises and the Little Giant Group, with an annual revenue below NT$5 billion. The marking criteria are based on 4 sections: Corporate governance, corporate commitment, social involvement and environment protection. In the survey, AAEON received a score of 8.28 out of 10 in the “social involvement” section, the highest rating compared to the other 3 sections. As a first-time participant, AAEON is pleased to have received 7th place in the Little Giant Group.

AAEON’s Arts Enlightenment Project, referred by the Arts Education on campus, was granted recognition by The CommonWealth Magazine. This project started out small in scale then evolved by procedure standardization and collaboration with other enterprises to rapidly bring considerable influence. In this project, standardizing procedures is most favored by teachers. Teachers are encouraged to draw up a syllabus and AAEON then provides guidelines, such as venue decoration, learning lists and administration support. As a result, teachers in rural areas are allowed to completely focus on “teaching”. In terms of collaboration, enterprises are welcome to sponsor AAEON’s Arts Enlightenment Project in their own town. AAEON shares its project plan with the sponsors who contribute both financially and through volunteer support. The Arts Enlightenment Project not only helps enterprises efficiently grasp the concepts of CSR, but also benefits students in rural areas. From 2009 to present time, AAEON has spent NT$45 million on organizing 8,000 events in 170 schools across 4 cities/counties in Taiwan, resulting in reaching out and touching over 240,000 students. In comparison, during the first year of this project, there were only 10 schools involved, showing 17 times more growth and expansion in the current day and triple the amount of money.

Recently, an upward coding/programming trend has gone viral, worldwide. Not only has U.S. President Barack Obama publicly addressed that everyone is expected to learn how to code early in age, but the British government also encourages children to learn coding by age 5, including computer programming serving as a mandated course in both elementary and high schools. “Concerning the importance of coding/programming in the future and the urban-rural gap in digital education, AAEON will kick off its second phase of the Arts Enlightenment Project this year. In addition, AAEON will further implement and collaborate programming language courses with schools to enhance the combination of technology and the arts,” said Mr. YS Chuang, AAEON’s Chairman.


Established in 1992, AAEON is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of professional intelligent IoT solutions. Committed to innovative engineering, AAEON provides reliable and high quality computing platforms, including industrial motherboards and systems, industrial displays, rugged tablets, embedded controllers, network appliances and related accessories, as well as integrated solutions. AAEON also has the hardware and services for premier OEM/ODMs and system integrators, worldwide. Being an Associate Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, AAEON offers customized end-to-end services from the initial product conceptualization and board product development to mass manufacturing and after-sales service programs. AAEON is also a GSA government contract holder (#GS-35F-0470Y) serving Federal, State & Local government sectors. Peruse AAEON’s expansive line of products and services by visiting www.aaeon.com.