AAEON Expands Extended Temperature Product Lineup


More Products Build to Use Tougher


(Taipei, Taiwan)May 3, 2016 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, is adding Extended Temperature support to a wider array of embedded boards across all form factors and platforms.

AAEON’s Extended Temperature support, also known as WiTAs, is divided into two categories that are determined by temperature range: WiTAS 1 for temperatures between -20 to 70°C and WiTAS 2 for -40 to 85°C. With the implementation of WiTAS, products are made to withstand harsher and more extreme environments.

Products receiving the WiTAS 1 upgrade include the PICO-BT01 Pico-ITX board, the EPIC-CV07 EPIC board, the GENE-CV05 3.5” subcompact board, and the COM-QM77 COM Express module, while products such as the PFM-CVS PC/104+ module, GENE-BT05, and COM-CV are boosted with WiTAS 2 support. All of the mentioned products are cooled using passive (fanless) thermal solutions.

The upgrade is aimed squarely at products that are typically found in transports, factory floors, outdoors, military, and areas subjected to wide temperature fluctuations. In addition, the selection features matured platforms that are running stably and may not get replaced for years to come. The WiTAS upgrade is suitable for users who wish to protect their tried-and-true solutions.

“Having your platforms protected from extreme temperatures is crucial for us as well as our industrial users” said Alicia Wang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division “This round of upgrades are just the beginning, as plans are already in motion to introduce an even broader range of products into our WiTAS lineup”.