Enable the IoT Lifestyle with AAEON’s IoT Gateway Trio


IoT is One Step Closer to Your Doorstep

(Taipei, Taiwan) January 19, 2016 — Without the right hardware, IoT is still a thing of the future and hard-to-grasp concept. AAEON, a major developer of industrial computing solutions and a member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance, is set to popularize this concept with the launch of AIOT-QA, AIOT-QG, and AIOT-QM IoT gateways.

Running on the Intel® Quark™ X1000 Series SoCs, AAEON’s trio of IoT-specific gateways are created and built to enable an IoT lifestyle both indoors and outdoors. Along with the low-power consuming chips, the devices are equipped with the Wind River Intelligent Platform, Linux support, McAfee Embedded Control security technology, and Bluetooth/ WiFi/ 3G connectivity to ensure the most flexible and secure option for implementing IoT.

The AIOT-QA and AIOT-QG are built similarly for indoor use, with the former attuned for industrial automation with a DIN-rail mountable design, while the latter towards general purpose applications. Both devices carry I/Os such as Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADC) and DI/Os that are beneficial for allowing the system to understand parameters such as temperatures, humidity, luminance, water level, etc. for autonomous monitoring and control.

The AIOT-QM is the most “outgoing” member of the three with its IP67 design and a wide operating temperature range of -20 ~ 70°C, making it conducive for outdoor use . All of its onboard I/Os, such as LAN, USB, COM, ADC, and DI/O are specially designed with M12 connectors to discourage intrusion of solid and liquid and reinforce protection against them. As such, mating connectors are required to realize the device’s true potential.

“The launch of the AIOT, or AAEON IoT product line eliminates the distance the populace often felt towards IoT, which is always too far-fetched to be a reality” said Rita Liang, Product Manager of AAEON’s Design and Manufacturing Division,“ The gateway trio will be the first step bringing the wonders of IoT to the masses”.

For more information about the IoT gateways, please visit http://www.aaeon.com/en/c/iot-gateway-solutions/gateway-system))