Aesthetics and Functionalities Combined with AAEON's AHP-1154 Panel PC


Looks Matter

(Taipei, Taiwan) November 3, 2015 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, releases the AHP-1154 panel PC, a low power consuming human-machine interface that blends modern aesthetics and the most advantageous functionalities.

Departing from the traditional design philosophy which places emphasis on functionality, the AHP-1154 shifted its focus on user experience to keep up with today’s requirement for devices that are both useful and attractive, leading to the panel’s IP65- rated front bezel with a sleek, modern finish as well as a full aluminum back cover.

Aluminum is used to aid cooling in the fanless panel, while considering applications in factories or similar locations, the material also helps prevent rust or corrosion that might drastically shorten the device’s lifespan. In addition, gap sand openings are reduced as much as possible to prevent intrusion from foreign agents.

The panel is further supported by some of the major 3rd party HMI software to facilitate its implementation in a variety of sectors and industries, which includes pipeline control and system monitoring in the factory automation sector, or a POS option in restaurants and eateries. Expansions on the panel’s hardware features or customization are also catered for as the rear enclosure is designed with meticulously-positioned openings for installing features specific to your needs.

“More than performance, every generation of electronic devices requires ‘appearance’. And this trend cannot be more apparent than in today’s world” said Tim Lin, product manager of AAEON’s Panel Appliances & Automation Division “the AHP-1154 is the product of this observation as well as lessons-learnt from our previous generation products, and with it, we managed to strike the balance between aesthetics and functionalities admirably”.