BOXER-6404 Embedded Box PC: Elegance in Simplicity


Sophistication is NOT the way to go

(Taipei, Taiwan) October 14th, 2015 — For embedded PCs, it is more about capabilities than appearance. AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, accomplishes this with the brand new BOXER-6404.

The latest addition to the company’s line of entry-level embedded PCs, the BOXER-6404 is one of the smallest, most compact embedded PCs on the market, measuring 166 x 106.6 x 30 mm. Within its humbly-designed enclosure packs a quad core CPU, the Intel® Celeron® J1900, providing adequate computing power capabilities, such as dual display via the system’s two HDMI ports, a simple network appliance through the system’s 4 LAN ports with both dual host and LAN redundancies. An additional SKU with the dual core Intel® Celeron® N2807 is also available for less demanding applications.

In addition, the enclosure is made entirely out of aluminum. This design, combining the low power consuming CPU, not only allows a fanless configuration, but effectively extends its operating temperature to -20°C ~ 60°C, a range wider than most other contemporaries on the market.

“With the BOXER-6404, we retain only the core elements that our customers want.” said Ken Pan, Product Manager of AAEON’s Panel Appliances and Automation Division. “Rather than a superfluous design, we find elegance in simplicity”.