AAEON Expands I/O Functionality with BOXER-6914 Embedded Box PC


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(Taipei, Taiwan)December 1, 2015 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, presents the BOXER-6914 Embedded Box PC for applications requiring high usage of I/O peripherals.

The BOXER-6914 offers as many as 16 COM ports consisting of 14 RS-232 ports and 2 RS-232/422/485 ports to allow a wide variety of I/O peripherals to be incorporated. The ports are located on only one side of the system so that maintenance is less cumbersome with simpler and more orderly wiring. The 3-pin DC input terminal block accepts a variable 9V to 30V input and makes it easy to wire up multiple systems to control the power from a distant location.

To achieve greater reliability the I/O connectors are board mounted instead of internally cabled. AAEON’s cable-less designs provide installers with the confidence that the device is ready to run with reliable connections inside as well as outside the box.

With its high usability offered via the high I/O count and ease of maintenance, the system is ideally suited for static machines that require a multitude of functionalities with minimal servicing. Adding to its already high I/O count are 30 programmable digital I/O ports to provide even greater installation and control options. Internal PCIe slots allow for additional connectivity options such as WiFi with mounting holes for external antennas ready to be installed. Examples of typical applications are ticket vending machines and turnstiles in train stations, where functionalities such as IC card readers and VFD displays are some of the key requirements.

“A high number of COM ports are a common demand in applications such as ticket machines. That is why AAEON designed in up to 16 ports in the BOXER-6914”, said Ken Pan, Product Manager of AAEON’s Panel Appliance and Automation Division. “Knowing the amount of wiring that 16 COMs would entail, we placed all the ports conveniently on one side of the system, so that installation and upkeep is easier, and the usability of the system is prolonged”.