Expand your horizons with wide DC input and wide temperature support from AAEON’s GENE-SKU6 W1


AAEON unveils a powerful, new, ruggedized subcompact board


AAEON, a global leader in industrial computing solutions, launches the GENE-SKU6 W1, a 3.5” subcompact board with the specifications needed to handle harsh, unstable conditions.

When hardware is used for outdoor, factory automation, or in-vehicle applications, you can’t always be sure that its DC input will remain stable. However, since businesses can’t afford for their systems to shut down, they need computers that can withstand power fluctuations and keep on running. Fortunately, the GENE-SKU6 W1 has a DC input range of 9-36V, so it takes power drops and spikes in its stride and continues operating.

AAEON’s rugged new subcompact board also has a WiTAS 1 wide-temperature rating, meaning it’s guaranteed to run smoothly in environments as cold as -20oC and as hot as 70oC. This capability is achieved through intelligent design, low-power components, and an effective heatsink, which allows the GENE-SKU6 W1 to function as a reliable, fanless solution.

A powerful graphics package supports 4K resolution and independent DP, DVI, and LVDS display outputs, and with its Mini-card and mSATA slots, four USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 ports, four COM ports, and an additional BIO interface enabling board-to-board connection – the GENE-SKU6 W1 is tailor-made for customers who want to quickly add functionality without investing in R&D.

Speaking about the GENE-SKU6 W1, AAEON Embedded Computing Division product manager Julie Huang said, “It’s versatile, reliable, resilient, and powerful. This board has everything you could want for rugged applications and environments.”