AAEON Invites You to Join Us at NVIDIA GTC21


Register for free to join AAEON at NVIDIA GTC21.


AAEON invites you to join us at NVIDIA GTC21. AAEON will be hosting six webinars about various topics on AI Edge Computing. These events can be accessed for free by registering at https://nvda.ws/387Xrpn

Registration will give you access to all of these events plus the thousands more at NVIDIA GTC21. Here is a preview of what AAEON will be presenting:

  • Trusted Edge Computing Platform for the AIoT Industry: High Security, Easy-to-Use, Reliable Execution, and Optimized Performance SS33130
  • Building Autonomous Mobile Robots with AAEON Boxer Solutions Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Modules: A Seamless Journey from Prototyping to Production SS33108
  • How to Use NVIDIA Jetson Products Against the COVID-19 Pandemic SS33128
  • Combating the Pandemic through Social Distancing with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX S31415
  • Powering Construction Automation in Extreme Conditions with NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX S31399
  • Automating Defect Inspection with AI to Accelerate the Smart Factory S33230

We look forward to seeing you at the event. Register today for free by visiting https://nvda.ws/387Xrpn

You can explore AAEON's lineup of rugged systems powered by NVIDIA Jetson SOMs by visiting our AAEON NVIDIA AI Solutions page.