AAEON Announces Cloud Ready Solutions Powered by Microsoft Azure


AAEON Announces Cloud Ready Solutions Powered by Microsoft Azure


AAEON, an industry leading developer of edge computing platforms, is proud to announce our development of IoT platform solutions featuring Microsoft’s IoT Plug and Play. Devices featuring this service are designed to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Azure IoT, and make deployment of AIoT and cloud-connected networks easier than ever for our customers to set up and use.

Most developers are familiar with the idea of Plug and Play, a concept first implemented by Microsoft over 20 years ago which allowed PC users to quickly connect peripherals without needing to perform complex hardware or software configurations. This lowered the barrier of entry for many people to use computers, helping to quickly grow and expand the market for computers.

Today, our customers, systems integrators and network solutions developers are faced with a similar challenge. IoT devices often have to be configured one by one to connect and communicate with cloud services. The process can take months or even years for customers to choose and properly configure all of the hardware. This makes the process of deploying IIoT and AIoT solutions a daunting task for even the most experienced SIs and developers. It also creates a huge barrier of entry for smaller companies looking to keep up with IoT and Industry 4.0 developments.

As an industry leader, AAEON recognized the benefits of developing IoT platforms featuring Azure and IoT Plug and Play. Thanks to IoT Plug and Play, AAEON is able to provide systems that are pre-configured and certified to operate with Azure, and to utilize powerful services such as Azure IoT Central. These systems and devices will be ready to go out of the box, with no coding or configuration needed to be performed by the customer.

“IoT Plug and Play from Microsoft enables us to create devices that are ready for Azure IoT,” said Dennis Shih Product manager with AAEON’s IoT Department. “This helps our customers by reducing development and deployment of AIoT and IIoT networks to mere days, reducing costs and lowering the barrier of entry for independent developers and customers who have tighter budgets. Our products with IoT Plug and Play also offer a more user-friendly platform for edge solutions such as Smart Cities or Intelligent Factories,” added Dennis.

Users can learn more about AAEON products which are IoT Plug and Play certified by visiting Azure IoT Central, or by browsing the AAEON website and viewing our range of industry leading and edge computing solutions. AAEON looks forward to developing more IoT solutions powered by Azure and IoT Plug and Play, expanding the options and flexibility available to our customers.

“IoT Plug and Play from Microsoft enables AAEON to provide their customers with a lower barrier of entry to Azure and Azure IoT Central service, helping to bring the benefits of IoT and Cloud computing to more cities, more businesses and more industries,” said Sam George, Director of Azure IoT at Microsoft.