AAEON’s New NanoCOM-BT Module: Small but Adequate, Strong yet Intricate


AAEON’s New NanoCOM-BT Module: Small but Adequate, Strong yet Intricate

(Taipei, Taiwan) March 4th, 2015 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, will be releasing the sturdy, all-in-one NanoCOM-BT COM module.

Used primarily on public transportation, the type 10 COM express modules are smartly designed to accommodate Intel®’s Atom E3800 series processor, eMMC storage of up to 16GB (supporting Linux and Windows 8.1), onboard DDR3L RAM of up to 2GB, and Intel®’sI210-IT Ethernet controller on an 84mm x 55mm board. Other features include support for USB ports (7 USB2.0 among which 1 is both USB2.0/USB3.0 enabled), SATA ports, LVDS, DDI (both of which supports simultaneous or individual displays) and PCI-E.

The components, particularly the processor, memory and Ethernet controller, are industrial graded and designed to work in temperatures between -40°C - 85°C, ensuring that these essential but sensitive parts are not affected by shocks or vibrations in moving vehicles and enabling them to continue operations in all seasons of the year.

Bringing the package together is AAEON’s Hi-Safe Software which allows tasks such as watchdog timers, digital I/O control and system monitoring to be performed effortlessly. Supporting both Linux and Windows operating systems, components of the software are also available as individual SDKs for users who need only specific functions in the full software.

“The size and shock resistant nature of the NanoCOM-BT are the most welcoming aspects for transport operators, who demand compact, ruggedness and feature-rich solutions for vehicles of different sizes“ said Louise Hsu, Project Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division. “With its capabilities, we hope the NanoCOM-BT can be used beyond transportation applications, into fields such as surveillance and telecommunications.”