AAEON’s Award Winning RTC-900B Rugged Tablet: Toughness and Practicality On The Go


AAEON’s Award Winning RTC-900B Rugged Tablet: Toughness and Practicality On The Go

(Taipei, Taiwan) March 24, 2015 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, announces the launch of the award winning RTC-900B rugged tablet.

Specifically engineered for on-the-go computing, the MIL-STD 810G-compliant tablet is equipped with a tempered Gorilla glass-protected LCD that offers the standard brightness of 350 nit or the optional 800 nit. For usage outdoors or in hazardous environments, the tablet is further supported with a scratch, vibration and IP65 water-proof design, as well as an extended battery life of up to 7 hours.

Communication connectivity is provided by the tablet’s in-built Wi-Fi, 3G, and NFC capabilities while physical I/Os include microSD cards and USB ports. The tablet also features a smart card reader and TPM module for added security. The tablet can also be used with an accompanying dock for charging as well as additional expansion ports (USBs, COM, Ethernet, etc.). 4G technology can be incorporated upon request.

Embodying the mobility, ruggedness and computing power that are most sought after by industries such as logistics and fleet management, the Windows®8.1-powered tablet offers backward compatibility with legacy software. Its sturdy enclosure helps to minimize accidental damage to its internal components while out in the field. In addition, the robust connectivity features offered by the tablet allows data to be sent and received instantaneously, opening cloud computing options and providing real-time data for advanced fleet management purposes.

For its versatility and durability, the tablet is honored with the 23rd Taiwan Excellence Awards, an award which acts as a benchmark for excellence for any products that bear the “Made in Taiwan” label. It will also make an appearance in this year’s Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona.

“Winning the award is a major confidence boost for us” said Tony Huang, Project Manager of AAEON’s Rugged Mobile Division. “The tablet is designed to improve the quality of our lives, and winning the award is a sign that we have achieved just that”.