AAEON Expands BT Boards to Qseven and SMARC Form Factors


Seven Form Factors are now Available to Choose From

(Taipei, Taiwan) October 27, 2015 —AAEON®, a major developer of industrial computing solutions, introduces new additions to their BT product line with two new form factor boards, the AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT.

Building on two of the most recent form factors on the market, the Qseven and Smart Mobility Architecture (SMARC) form factors, the AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT are the company’s latest solutions powered by the low-power consuming, yet versatile Intel® Atom™/ Celeron® E3800 processors. This, accompanied by their small sizes, makes them fitting for applications demanding compactness and mobility, such as robotic arms and portable testing equipment.

The AQ7-BT featured the Qseven form factor and measures 70 x 70 mm. As a successor to the AQ7-LN, it uses 50% less power while delivering better performance due to the use of the new chips. It sports the Qseven 2.0 design specifications and pin layout that brings convenience in designing components and peripherals as well as troubleshooting. Additionally, the board can be operated by a battery to increase mobility.

If the AQ7-BT is still considered too big for your application, the μCOM-BT will be up to the task with its even smaller, SMARC form factor, which measures 82 x 50mm. Designed specifically for use in mobile devices, the board consumes as low as 6W of power and packs functionalities that optimizes on-the-go applications, such as HD audio and FHD displays, wireless capabilities, and I/O expansions. Similar to the AQ7-BT, the μCOM-BT can also run on batteries.

In terms of form factors, AAEON’s BT board series has one of the company’s most comprehensive offerings, with sizes ranging from 3.5”, EPIC, COM Express, Pico-ITX, and now, SMARC and Qseven.

“With the AQ7-BT and μCOM-BT, our BT ‘collection’ is complete”, said David Hung, Product Manager of AAEON’s Embedded Computing Division,“ The E3800 processor family is powerful and light on the environment, and through products of different form factors, we can now bring these perks to all sorts of applications”.