Audio, Camera, and PoE Maker Board Expansion Products Give Developers an Edge


The three boards give developers a quick, cost-effective way to add functionality to their application.

AAEON, a leading developer of IoT solutions, is launching three separate expansion boards to complement its series of UP maker boards. The new products will add audio, camera, and PoE capabilities to the UP series.

The UP-POE HAT enables Gigabit Ethernet, and it connects to the UP and UP2 boards via a 40-pin GPIO. Its 5V DC port means it can also connect to other SBCs.

The UP-AUDIO HAT is currently only compatible with the UP board, which it connects to through its 40-pin GPIO. It supports Windows 10, Android 6, and Ubuntu, and it features external ports for a microphone and speakers/headphones.

The UP-CAMERA HAT board features two FPC/FFC connectors for 2M security cameras, and its re-driver boosts the signal coming from connected cameras, allowing for a more stable display. The board supports Windows 10, and it connects to the UP, UP2 and UP Core boards through its 5V power connector.

The boards can be used individually or in combination, meaning users can pick and choose which functions they want to add to their systems.

Speaking about the new boards, AAEON design manufacturing service product manager Irene Lin said, “These products make it easier than ever before for developers to create working applications. Functionality can be added simply by connecting a tried-and-trusted expansion board, saving on development time and costs, and leaving users free to innovate.”