Phase Out Notice
    TKS-G30-5315 TKS-G30-5315 TKS-G30-5315 TKS-G30-5315


    TKS-G30-5315B, Fanless Embedded Box PCfor GENE-5315 Rev.B



    Phase Out Notice

    Phase-out Reason(s): Due to the market demand, we would like to inform you that we are going to phase out the models (parts of TKS series) listed in the phase-out notice. We sincerely regret the disruption that may result from the subject of

    this notification. We will work closely with each distributor to manage this phase-out issue as smoothly as possible.

    Last Buy Date: Jun. 30, 2014

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    Fanless Embedded Box for GENE-5315 Rev.B


    • POS
    • KIOSK
    • Industrial Automation


    • Fanless Design
    • 2.5" Hard Disk Drive And CompactFlash™
    • COM x 5, USB x 4, 8-bit Digital I/O (Optional)
    • Built-in AC-in Or DC-in Power Supply
    • Desktop Or Wallmount (Optional)

    Downloads [TKS-G30-5315B]

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