AMC-262 AMC-262 AMC-262 AMC-262 AMC-262 AMC-262


    AMC-262, 6-Slot Wallmount Chassis, Full-Size/ Half-Size Cards Support



    The 6-slot AMC-262 wallmount chassis sports one 5.25" and one 3.5" external drive bays, two internal drive bays, and support for the standard PS2 power supply.


    • Industrial Automation
    • Factory Automation
    • Control Box
    • Banking machine
    • ITS/ Transportation
    • HMI
    • Workstation


    • 6-Slot Wallmount Chassis
    • 6-Slot ISA/ PICMG Bus Passive Backplanes
    • Standard PS2 Power Supply
    • External 3.5” Drive Bay x 1
    • External 5.25” Drive Bay x 1
    • Internal 3.5” Drive Bay x 2
    • USB2.0 x 2 On Front Panel

    Specifications [AMC-262]

    ConstructionHeavy-duty steel
    Front PanelPower ON/OFF Switch x 1 Reset Button x 1
    Power LED x 1 HDD Active LED x 1
    PS/2 Keyboard Connector x 1 USB Port x 2
    Rear PanelReserved Cut-out for DB-25 Connector x 1 Reserved Cut-out for DB-9 Connector x 1
    6 slots (including system slot), supports max. 339 mm (length) for expansion card
    Dimension (W x D x H)6.9" (W) x 16.1" (D) x 10" (H) (175mm x 405mm x 254mm)
    Carton Dimension12.4" (W) x 14.37" (D) x 20.47" (H) (315mm x 365mm x 520mm)
    Net Weight12.1 lb (5.5 kg)
    Gross Weight13.9 lb (6.3 kg)
    StorageExternal: 3.5” Drive Bay x 1
    5.25” Drive Bay x 1
    Internal: 3.5” Drive Bay x 2
    System Fan12cm Ball Bearing Fan with Removable Filter x 1
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 122°F (0°C ~ 50°C)
    Storage Temperature-4°F ~ 176°F (-20°C ~ 80°C)
    Storage Humidity10 ~ 80% @ 40°C, non-condensing
    Vibration0.5 Grms/ 5 ~ 500Hz/ operation
    1.5 Grms/ 5 ~ 500Hz/ non operation
    SHOCK15 G peak acceleration (11 m sec. duration), operation
    30 G peak acceleration (11 m sec. duration), non operation
    EMCCE/FCC Class A

    Ordering Information [AMC-262]

    Part NumberTF-AMC-262-W-00
    description Wallmount, 6-Slot Bare Chassis, for PS2 Power, PS_SW (ATX), Color: White

    Downloads [AMC-262]

    • Datasheet

    Optional Accessories

    Power Supply Options

    P/N TYPE PFC Support Input Voltage Watt Size
    1255304003 ATX Active PFC Auto 90 ~ 264V 400W PS2

    Passive Backplane Options

    P/N Description Master Interface Slots Power Connector, ATX Extend Function
    BP-206SP-P4 Wallmount, PCI, 6-Slot Backplane, 4 PCI, Single Segment, ATX PCI 4/0/2 (PCI/ ISA/ PICMG_PCI) ATX, 3-pin ATX extend
    BP-206SS-P4 Wallmount, PCISA, 6-Slot Backplane, 4 PCI, 3 PCISA, Single Segment, ATX PCISA 4/1/0 (PCI/ ISA/ APCI) ATX
    BP-206SG-P2 Wallmount, PICMG, 6-Slot Backplane, 2 PCI, 3 ISA, Single Segment, ATX PICMG 1.0 2/3/1 (PCI/ ISA/ PICMG) ATX, 3-pin ATX extend
    BP-206SG-P4 Wallmount, PICMG, 6-Slot Backplane, 4 PCI, 2 ISA, Single Segment, ATX PICMG 1.0 4/2/2 (PCI/ ISA/ PICMG) AT, ATX, 3-pin ATX extend
    BP-206SH-P3 Wallmount, Backplane, PICMG 1.3, 6-Slot, 3 PCI, 2 PCI-E, Single segment, ATX PICMG 1.3 3/2/1 (PCI/PCI-E/PICMG 1.3) ATX
    BP-206SI Wallmount, ISA 6-Slot Backplane, 6 ISA, Single segment, AT/ATX ISA (0/6/0) AT/ATX

    CPU Cards Options

    Model/Name Description Master Interface
    FSB-G41H Socket LGA 775, Intel® Core™ 2 Duo/ Core™ 2 Quad (800/1066/1333) PICMG 1.3
    FSB-B75G Socket LGA 1155, Intel® 3rd Generation i3/i5/i7 PICMG 1.0
    HSB-800I Onboard AMD LX 800 Processor ISA

    CPU Cooler Options

    Model/Name Description
    1759218000 LGA1155/1150 CPU Cooler (1.5U)
    175920000G LGA775 CPU Cooler (1U)
    1759200335 LGA775 CPU Cooler (1U)