RTC-1010: Rugged Tablet SolutionRTC-1010: Rugged Tablet Solution

    RTC-1010: Rugged Tablet Solutions for Building Mobile Connected Industries

    The new decade is upon us, and businesses are pushing even harder to capitalize on the advantages of connected industries. The RTC-1010 Rugged Tablet PC from AAEON is a powerful solution for connecting industries such as construction and manufacturing. Built tough and with rich standard and optional features, it brings power and flexibility to any jobsite. Wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 50°C), IP65 water and dustproof rating, and MIL-STD-810G drop testing provide the durability to ensure reliable operation. Already, many users are deploying the RTC-1010 Rugged Tablet to handle the key tasks of Visual Inspection, Inventory and Logistics, and Personnel Management.


    Visual Inspection

    Construction sites and factories both require routine inspections of the workplace, whether it’s progress of an ongoing project, providing routing safety inspections, or detailing the conditions of machines and tools. The RTC-1010 simplifies the task by handling the tasks of taking pictures with its 8 Megapixel rear camera, powering software for creating and editing reports, and the wireless connectivity to instantly send pictures and reports to supervisors or main offices.


    Inventory and Stocking

    Whether it’s ensuring you have the right amount of materials, taking stock of completed products, or sending and receiving packages, having accurate detailed inventory and stock information is vital to ensuring work runs smoothly and that money isn’t wasted on excess materials. The RTC-1010 features and optional 2D barcode scanner, making it easy to quickly scan items and check existing stock against reported numbers.


    Personnel Management

    Accurate reporting of personnel on-site not only ensures personnel are paid accurately for their time on the job, but also helps prevent potential security violations by quickly identifying who is allowed to be onsite. The RTC-1010 can be easily adapted to work with a site’s method of personnel accounting, with an optional magnetic stripe reader, NFC and smart card readers, or utilizing facial recognition with the built-in cameras.


    10.1” Rugged Tablet Features with Intel® N3350/N4200 Processor with Windows®