EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS EPIC-KBS | 7th Generation Processor, Kaby Lake EPIC-KBS | 7th Generation Processor, Kaby Lake


    EPIC Board with 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ i-S series Processor (Socket Type)



    EPIC-KBS7, a versatile and easily customized product that offers interchangeable CPU and I/Os, which effectively lowers the total cost of ownership (TCO) by up to 20% in system assembly. The EPIC-KBS7 provides interchangeable CPUs and a highly dynamic design, allowing the customer to easily tailor and customize according to their needs.

    Fitting everything onto a nifty 4 inch board, the EPIC-KBS7 uses a highly dynamic and durable system assembly model to achieve I/O flexibility beyond typical industrial requirements. Designed to shorten lead-time and decrease prototyping manufacturing time costs, the EPIC-KBS7 is a small but powerful form factor in a compact and highly efficient design that will meet the demands of the ever-changing landscape in smart industrial management and automation.

    Connectivity includes 4 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports and 2 Giga LAN Ports, along with VGA, HDMI, LVDS, SATA and COM support. The pin compatible socket type Kabylake design enables a wide choice of interchangeable CPUs to select from, fulfilling and surpassing customer needs. Additionally, the EPIC-KBS7 supports a wide voltage power input ranging from 9-24V as well as an operational temperature range of 0-60°C, making it the ideal choice for industrial factory environments. Turnaround time is effectively decreased as the only time required for board design is i/o board manufacturing, therefore enabling quick customization.

    The EPIC-KBS7 is geared toward the machine vision niche of industrial automation. Its uses can be applied to surveillance systems, data collection and assimilation, and cyber control systems, and this comprehensive pack all comes together in a mere 4 inch board, which will really decrease manufacturing costs and accelerate the time it takes for designs to launch.

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    • 6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ i-S series Processor (Socket Type)
    • 12V, 9-24V Wide Voltage, Non-ECC DDR4 SODIMM x 1 (Up to 16 GB)
    • Basic VGA/HDMI/LVDS Display
    • USB 3.0 x 4, USB 2.0 x 2, Good for Machine Vision
    • mSATA/Mini-PCIe Full Size x 1 (Default: mSATA, BOM change for H110)
    • mSATA/Mini-PCIe Full Size x 1 (Default: mSATA, BIOS Selection for Q170)
    • HDA, SATA x 2, GPIO x 8, COM x 4

    仕様 [EPIC-KBS7]

    Form FactorEPIC
    CPU6th/7th Generation CPU (Socket Type, TDP 35W, 54W Only)
    CPU Frequency6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/Celeron®
    ChipsetH110, Q170 (6W)
    Memory TypeDDR4 (Non-ECC), 2133MHz
    Max. Memory CapacityUp to 16GB
    Wake on LANYes
    Watchdog Timer255 Levels
    Power Requirement12V or 9-24V (Default)
    Power Supply TypeAT/ ATX
    Power Consumption (Typical)50W@Full loading
    Dimension (L x W)4.53" x 6.50" (115mm x 165mm)
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C)
    Storage Temperature-40°F ~ 176°F (-40°C ~ 80°C)
    Operating Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    MTBF (hours)110,000
    VGA/LCD Controller6th/7th Generation Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7/Celeron®
    Video OutputCRT/LVDS/HDMI
    Backlight inverter supplyMax. 12V
    EthernetLAN x 2 (Real IO) (i211 x 2)
    AudioALC892, no Amp
    USB PortUSB3.0 x 4 (Real IO)
    USB2.0 x 2 (Internal)
    Serial PortCOM x 4 (COM2: RS-232/422/485)
    Parallel Port
    HDD InterfaceSATA 3.0 x 2, SATA Power (5V)
    FDD Interface
    SSDmSATA x 1 (optional for mini-Card)
    Expansion SlotMini-card x 1, Micro SIM x 1 (Optional )
    PWM LCD Support

    ご注文情報 [EPIC-KBS7]

    Part NumberEPIC-KBS7-A10-0001EPIC-KBS7-A10-0002
    cpu LGA1151 (Socket Type) LGA1151 (Socket Type)
    memory DDR4 (Max 16G) DDR4 (Max 16G)
    thermal FAN FAN
    display VGA + HDMI VGA + LVDS + HDMI
    lvds 24bit, 2CH
    storage SATA x 2 SATA x 2
    lan GbE x 2 GbE x 2
    usb USB3.0 x 4
    USB2.0 x 2
    USB3.0 x 4
    USB2.0 x 2
    rs-232 3 3
    rs-232/422/485 1 1
    expansion slot mSATA x 1 (Mini-PCIe by BOM Change) mSATA/miniCard x 1
    power 9-24V 9~24V
    operating temp 0°C ~ 60°C 0°C ~ 60°C
    others DIO x 8 Micro-SIM, DIO x 8

    ダウンロード [EPIC-KBS7]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • ドライバ
    • マニュアル


    • SATA Cable, Length 50cm (1709070500)
    • SATA Power Cable, Length 15cm (1702150155)
    • Jumper Cap (9657666600)
    • Product DV
    • EPIC-KBS7


    Part Number Description QTY
    1702002010 Power Cable (2pin), Length 10cm 1
    1709100254 Audio Cable (3pin), Length 25cm 1
    1700050207 USB Cable (5pin), Length 20cm 4
    1701090150 COM Cable (9pin), Length 15cm 4
    EPIC-KBS7-FAN01 79*79*61mm. Silver. Recommended for operating temperature 0°C ~ 60°C (54W/35W) 1
    EPIC-KBS7-FAN02 60*60*30mm.Silver.Recommended for operating temperature 0°C ~ 55°C (35W) 1