AAEON’s Rugged Tablet Computers offer multifunctional, military-grade design built to endure the harsh work environments of industry, whether indoors or outdoors. AAEON Rugged Tablet PCs are IP-rated and MIL-STD-810 tested, proven tough and capable of keeping up with work.

    Our Rugged Tablet PCs come in a range of sizes from 7” to 11.6”, so customers can find the right Rugged Tablet Computer for the job. All of our Rugged Tablet PCs are designed with a rich compliment of I/O features and options, allowing our Rugged Tablet Computers to quickly and easily connect with the tools and machines in your workspace.

    Built for mobile use, AAEON Rugged Tablet PCs feature optional sunlight readable screens, and come with support for a range of GPS and 3G/4G LTE connectivity. Our Rugged Tablet Computers also feature a range of accessories, including docking stations, carrying straps, and other features to make working easier and more efficient.

    AAEON offers customers a range of Rugged Tablet PC customization options for projects which require special configurations for specific applications or tasks. Customers can contact AAEON sales for more information.

    7” RX86架构7”强固型平板电脑,支持Windows® 10和最高1.92GHz四核处理器


    X86架构7”强固型平板电脑,支持Windows® 10和最高1.92GHz四核处理器

    ARM架构7” 强固型平板,支持Android™ 和 1.6 GHz 四核处理器


    ARM架构7” 强固型平板,支持Android™ 和 1.6 GHz 四核处理器

    10.1” 强固型平板电脑, Intel® N3350/N4200 处理器,支持 Windows


    10.1” 强固型平板电脑, Intel® N3350/N4200 处理器,支持 Windows®

    10.1" 半强固型平板电脑, Intel® N3350 / N4200 处理器, Window


    10.1" 半强固型平板电脑, Intel® N3350 / N4200 处理器, Windows®

    11.6" Rugged Tablet Features Intel Kaby Lake Up


    11.6" 强固式平板电脑,搭载Intel Kaby Lake最大支持 3.9 GHz双核处理器,Windows® 10系统