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    Light the Way to Smarter Cities with AAEON Solutions

    Cities across the world are facing tough new challenges with the realities of climate change and our impact on the environment becoming more evident every day. The need to provide services to city populations while reducing the impact on our planet is a daunting task. AAEON is committed to offering products and services to help make Smart City solutions a reality.

    When most people think of Smart Cities they think of Intelligent Street Lighting; providing a smart AI driven solution to controlling a city’s network of lights in an effort to reduce energy. But the idea of what a Smart City means has grown beyond that. By utilizing the infrastructure already in place with Intelligent Street Lighting, cities can provide a wide range of services through a system of interconnected IoT devices. These devices can monitor air quality and traffic, provide Smart Parking Management, help implement city-wide Wi-Fi or 5G coverage, or even provide people with on-demand and up-to-date information through the use of interactive digital signage.

    The key to Smart Cities is to provide this while lowering the impact we have on our planet. Smart City devices include IoT nodes and AIoT gateways which use components built around low power consumption. Wireless protocols such as LoRaWAN help to provide a way of transmitting information without the need for powerful antennas. The implementation of AI Edge Computing decentralizes the processing power of a Smart City system, so cities no longer have to rely on huge, expensive cloud systems with high power consumption.

    Smart City Solutions

    Intelligent street light

    Smart Street Light

    Intelligent Lighting Controls can respond to real-time factors to dim or turn on and off lights on a system-wide, specified-group, or individual level. Moreover, leverage the power of edge computing , the intelligent lightings can become a node to consolidates data streams from smart lighting, environmental monitoring, and video sensors. This allows city administrators to create a connected data hub that enables numerous new applications.

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    Smart Traffic and Parking

    Smart Traffic & Parking

    With cities becoming more and more crowded, city services are often stretched thin. Vehicle and license Plate Recognition provides a solution to alleviate overworked city officials by handling tasks such as smart parking meters, automated parking lots, and intelligent traffic cameras which can identify and report traffic violations.

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    Digital surveillance

    Smart Surveillance

    Security staff are often tasked with handling a much larger number of people than they have the manpower for. Digital Surveillance helps to support their work by identifying potential security and safety threats and reporting to the security staff. Thanks to behavioral pattern recognition, the system avoids wasting time with false alarms.

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    Smart Access Control

    Smart Access Control

    By identifying employees, VIP guests, and unknown individuals, facial recognition systems can alert staff about the arrival of important clients, restricted areas can be intelligently monitored, management can be told if employees are away from their workstations for long periods of time, and security officers can receive notifications about the presence of unauthorized people.

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    Mobile Pump Monitoring and Control

    Mobile Pump Monitoring and Control

    Through a wireless network with a backup mechanism, it is possible to remotely monitor the status of individual mobile pumps such as fuel level, power status, and unit temperature. GPS signal positioning provides pin-point accurate location details of each pump.

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