The Era of Edge AI

    Edge AI

    AI Hardware made Easy

    At AAEON, we’re committed to working at the cutting-edge of computer technology, consistently innovating and developing new solutions for customers operating in a range of different fields. With AI technology now having an increasing impact on the way people work, we’re working to develop the hardware that will support the AI systems of today and tomorrow.

    Edge AI

    Since AI computing requires incredible levels of processing power, conventional AI systems work by sending data to a cloud server to be processed. A decision about what the system should do is then sent back to connected devices.

    However, there are several problems with this approach. Due to network signal coverage and battery capacity in mobile devices, it’s not always possible for devices to maintain a connection to the cloud. There are potential security problems when you send large amounts of data to the cloud. Finally, the processing of data by a server may only take milliseconds, but even this type of delay would be disastrous for a whole range of applications, including robotics and driver assistance systems.

    With edge AI, devices process data locally and make real-time operating decisions. In addition to being faster and more secure, edge AI can also help reduce power consumption.

    To make sure we keep our position at the forefront of AI innovation, we work with leading chipmakers to produce the most effective products on the market.


    Intel – The ultra-low-power Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ VPU accelerates AI algorithms, and the OpenVINO™ toolkit makes it easier for users to analyze data at the edge


    Nvidia – Nvidia® GPUs use thousands of cores and the company’s CUDA® computing platform to simultaneously process massive amounts of data

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