AAEON Industrial Nano-ITX boards are a compact solution for industrial embedded applications. With a compact standardized form factor, Nano-ITX boards offer more flexibility for deploying into tight spaces. Utilizing low-power consumption components, AAEON Nano-ITX boards are perfect for mobile or battery-operated applications. Despite their size, Nano-ITX boards don’t sacrifice performance, with 5th and 6th generation Intel Core ULT processors, and a range of I/O outputs suitable for digital displays or machine controller applications. AAEON offers support for customization of Nano-ITX boards, allowing customers to configure board I/O options to suit their application needs.

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6th Generation Intel® Core™ 15W Processor Nano-I


6th Generation Intel® Core™ 15W Processor Nano-ITX Board with HDMI x 2, LAN Port x 2, COM Port x 1 and USB Port x 4

Intel® 5th Gen processor Nano-ITX Board With 2 D


NITX-BD1,5th Generation Intel® Processor Nano-ITX Board with DP x 2, LVDS x 1 and USB Port x 7

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