RTC-1200 Bus Application StoryRTC-1200 Bus Application Story




    Busses are a vital link in public transportation services throughout the world. Different cities employ various means for riders to pay for their journeys. Many cities use a paper-ticket system to make it easier to check if riders have paid their fare. These bus systems usually install ticket machines at bus stops so riders can purchase before boarding, but also use on-board ticket systems so riders can still pay for their tickets even after boarding.

    With increasing ridership, these cities are looking for ways to help automate the process of purchasing tickets on-board the bus, allowing drivers to focus on driving and reduce the time spent at a stop. One step has been to install NFC readers to automatically validate tickets and allow riders to use contactless smart cards to pay for their fares. While this does speed up boarding, the crucial pain point of the driver needing to handle on-board cash purchases of tickets still remains.

    A systems integration company was recently tasked with providing a solution to renovate on-board ticketing systems for a public bus service in Central Europe with a fleet of 200 vehicles. Their solution needed to integrate with the NFC readers and provide service for on-board ticket purchases. The bus service also wanted a system which could provide real-time route and schedule information, as well as be built so the driver could easily remove the system at the end of their shift.


    The systems integration company was faced with several challenges to produce a solution for the bus service. They needed a hardware platform which could integrate with the on-board ticketing system, provide reliable operation, and be mounted securely in a high-vibration environment.

    Integration with Ticketing Hardware

    The solution needs to support connecting with the on-board hardware of the bus ticketing system, including a printer for purchased tickets, and the NFC readers to validate pre-purchased tickets and smartcard payments. The system also needs to support wireless communication to display up-to-date bus information.

    Durability for On-Board Operations

    The system needs to be able to withstand operating in the high-vibration environment of on-board bus operations, as well as work in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions.

    Secure and Rugged Mounting

    The system needs to be able to mount into the bus in a way that is able to withstand the high vibration and other forces of bus operation, as well as secure the system while in operation, but able to be removed by the driver or fleet manager.


    The company turned to AAEON to provide a rugged and capable platform for their application. Working together, AAEON was able to meet the challenges with the RTC-1200 Rugged Tablet PC. The RTC-1200 provided the rugged durability and rich I/O support for on-board operations and to easily integrate with the ticketing system. AAEON and the RTC-1200 provided the company with several key advantages to using this platform in their solution.

    Bright, Sunlight Readable Display

    The RTC-1200 features a sunlight readable 11.6” display with brightness above what most tablets on the market offer. With a large, bright and easy to read display, riders can quickly find information they need and purchase their tickets.

    Industrial Grade System

    Built for use with industries, the RTC-1200 can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C, offers IP65 water and dust proofing, as well as MIL-STD-810G protection against drops and vibration. The RTC-1200 can withstand even the toughest commutes.

    AAEON Manufacturer Services

    AAEON Manufacturer Services played a key role in the success of the company’s project. Where other manufacturers might demand a high price to modify their systems, AAEON instead provided a custom-designed rugged mounting system to work with our standard RTC-1200. This saved the company time and money in developing and deploying their system.


    With the RTC-1200 rugged tablet PC, the company was able to provide a single platform to integrate on-board ticketing, cash purchases, ticket validation, and smartcard usage together. With help from AAEON Manufacturer Services, the company was able to deliver their system on time and within their budget.

    The RTC-1200 allows bus drivers to focus on their routes more, reducing delays and increasing the reliability of the bus service. The secure mounting and the rugged design provide the reliable service needed to avoid loss of revenue or frustrated riders. Riders also are able to enjoy the benefits of the RTC-1200. With a large, easy to read screen, riders can easily find the route information they need, and quickly make their ticket purchases.


    The RTC-1200 rugged tablet PC from AAEON is a tough, 11.6” multifunctional system designed with industrial grade durability for the toughest work environments. The RTC-1200 is built to provide all-day stability and reliable operation, in all sorts of demanding conditions. The RTC-1200 can operate in temperatures from -20°C to 60°C (-4°F~140°F).

    The RTC-1200 is built to be easy to use in any work condition. Its bright, sunlight readable screen is easy to read wherever you work, and the touchscreen can be operated while wearing gloves. Rich I/O features allow the system to quickly connect with sensors and components, or integrate into existing systems as a panel PC. Optional RFID reader or Barcode scanner allow the RTC-1200 to perform a range of tasks such as inventory counting or employee tracking.

    The RTC-1200 provides ultimate mobile communication support with built in SIM card slot and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE support. The RTC-1200 also offers built-in GPS services with Glonass to help with on the go navigation.

    AAEON offers customers support for the RTC-1200, from a range of accessories which enhance the user experience, to our manufacturer services, which help to configure and even customize our products to meet your specific needs.


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