AAEON Privacy Policy

Valid as of May 2018

At AAEON, we are committed to handling your personal information with care and responsibility, while also upholding all relevant data protection laws.

This policy statement outlines how AAEON collects, uses, and shares personal information about anyone – including customers, clients, business partners, suppliers, and representatives of organizations – with whom AAEON has, or is considering entering into, a business relationship.

The collection of your personal information

Personal information is almost always collected through direct communication such as a company survey. We also regularly gather information about individuals when they register for or take part in a company event.

The personal information of people living within the EU will be collected in accordance with EU Privacy Legislation, and this may affect your rights – see the Your rights section below.

    We might collect your personal information for a number of different reasons, which include:

  • Website and online service ease of use

    When you visit an AAEON website or use an associated online service, information such as your user name, password, IP address, and personal browser settings will be gathered to ensure you have access to relevant information and services, and also to allow us to operate our websites and comply with relevant legal requirements. Additionally, to personalize your website experience, information about the way in which you use AAEON websites, such as your preferences and settings, will be recorded. This data will help us improve our products and services.
  • Our ability to contact existing and prospective clients, partners, and suppliers, and their staff

    In order to deliver products and services, provide support, manage contracts, and invoice customers, we collect business contact information for existing and prospective clients, partners, and suppliers. This information might include the names, titles/positions, and contact details of staff members, advisors, contractors, and authorized users.
  • Efficient handling of orders and response to requests for information or support

    Whenever you contact AAEON, whether online or otherwise, to order products or services or to ask for information or support, we will record the information we need to fulfill your order or answer your enquiry. This information might include your name, contact details, a summary of your request or any agreement you have entered into with us, details about the fulfillment of any request or delivery and invoicing of any order, and any information gathered from a client satisfaction survey. This information will be kept for administrative purposes, to help us serve you better in the future, and to defend our rights.
  • Documenting visitors

    We record the names and contact details of people who visit AAEON company premises. Due to safety, security, and regulatory considerations, security cameras are also in operation at company locations.


AAEON uses “cookies” to collect information when you visit company websites. This information is used to give us an insight into website usage and effectiveness, improve our products and services, and to personalize your online experience.

A “cookie” can be defined as a piece of data that a website sends to your browser and that may then be stored on your computer as a hardware identifier. Cookies are most commonly used to assess website usage – visitor numbers, length of visit – and effectiveness – pages and topics visitors are most interested in – and also to make website navigation easier. Used in this way, cookies have no real connection to personal information. However, cookies are sometimes used to track user preferences in order to personalize and improve user experience.

Cookies can be broken down into two groups: "session cookies” and "persistent cookies.” Session cookies aid efficiency and are erased when the user closes their web browser. They track the things users do from page to page, meaning that people are not repeatedly asked for the same information. Persistent cookies are stored on a user’s hard disk and will not be deleted when a web browser is closed. They are used to record information about things like preferred language and user location.
When you visit an AAEON website or use an associated online service, you may be able to set your own cookie preferences via your web browser tools and settings. Although changing your cookie preferences will not cause cookies already stored on your device to be deleted, you can use your web browser settings to delete cookies.

AAEON websites do not recognize "do not track" instructions and other automated browser signals regarding tracking mechanisms, but in most cases, you can still use your web browser to define your own privacy settings regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies. To do this, click on "Tools" – alternative headings may be used in different browsers – and look for information on cookies. It’s generally possible to turn off cookies or set up a notification so that your browser warns you before you receive a cookie. If you do this, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to accept individual cookies.

We recommend that you leave your cookies turned on as they make it possible for you to take full advantage of some of our websites' features. If you turn off, block, or otherwise reject our cookies, you will be unable to sign in to websites, add items to your shopping cart or proceed to the checkout in the eShop, and some webpages may not load properly.

How we use your personal information

Any personal information we collect will be collated and may be analyzed for marketing purposes. If you want to receive information about AAEON products and services, you can choose to do so via email, telephone, or post, and you can also sign up for a subscription. You will be able to choose not to have your personal information used in this way. You may also choose, at any time, to unsubscribe from marketing updates by following the unsubscribe instructions included in the marketing emails you receive, by informing us of your decision during a marketing call, or by contacting us directly.

If, in our communications with you, we state that we have used your personal information in conjunction with a request, order, transaction, or agreement, we will have used the information because it was necessary for the fulfillment of the request, order, transaction, or agreement.

If we state that we have used your personal information in conjunction with a marketing project or for the development of AAEON products and services for safety, security, or regulatory considerations and not for any reasons connected to an agreement or request, we will have used the information either with your consent or to uphold the legitimate interests of AAEON or a third party.

When you visit an AAEON website or use an associated online service, you might be offered personalized information. If you want to stop receiving personalized communications, send an email stating your request to privacy@aaeon.com.tw.

The sharing of personal information

AAEON is a global company, and, in accordance with the AAEON Privacy Policy, the information we collect about you might be shared with subsidiaries in countries where we conduct business. However, such transfers of information are confined to the limits of what is strictly necessary. Please be advised that AAEON also sometimes outsources the collection, use, analysis, and processing of personal information to overseas companies.

With your consent, or to help AAEON supply you or your employer with products or services, or to fulfill your requests, we may share your personal information with its partners.

In the event that AAEON acquires, sells, merges with, or restructures a business or business unit, personal information may be shared with or received from prospective or confirmed buyers, partners, and sellers.

Please be advised that in accordance with judicial proceedings, court orders, or other legal processes, personal information may sometimes have to be handed over to government agencies. If we have reasonable cause to suspect that the rights or property of AAEON or its business partners, suppliers, or clients have been or could be under threat, we may share your personal information if doing so would protect those rights or properties.

The international transfer of information

You understand and agree to the transfer of your information to AAEON and any of its affiliated companies, which may be based in a different country to you or your company. You further understand and agree to the storage, use, or processing of this information by AAEON or any of its affiliated companies. The transfer, storage, and processing of your information shall be subject to the rules set out in this policy statement and any relevant laws governing the protection of privacy or the security of personal information.

Information security

AAEON utilizes technical, administrative, and physical protection methods to guard against unauthorized access to, and use or disclosure of your personal information. For example, sensitive data such as credit card details are encrypted before being transferred over the Internet. AAEON
also requires its suppliers to take similar precautions.

Information retention period

Unless a longer retention period is required or permitted by law, we will hold your personal information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this policy statement. At your request, we will delete information held about you. Email privacy@aaeon.com.tw to make such a request.

The privacy of minors

We do not knowingly collect information about people under the age of thirteen – or the equivalent age in other jurisdictions – without the consent of a parent or guardian. We also encourage parents and guardians to take an active role in the online activities of any minors in their charge.

If you are a minor, please seek the consent of one of your parents or guardians before visiting AAEON websites or using an associated online service. You may only submit your information if you have the consent of one of your parents or guardians. Your parents or guardians can, at any time, revoke any consent previously given.

Sensitive personal information

AAEON will never ask you to provide your medical records or disclose information about your political or religious beliefs, sexual orientation or history, or criminal offences you were convicted of or are alleged of committing. We also ask that you do not provide us with any such information.

Your rights

You can make a request to access, update, or correct the information AAEON holds about you. To start the request process, email privacy@aaeon.com.tw. You also have the right to object to direct marketing.

In accordance with local law in your region, you may have additional rights regarding the processing of your personal information. For example, if the collection and use of your personal information is governed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), your rights allow you to object to any processing of your information even if it was collected and is being processed in a legitimate way. Under the strictures of the GDPR, you may also have the right to request that your personal information be deleted, its use restricted, or that it be transferred.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this policy statement, please email us at privacy@aaeon.com.tw. Your message will be directed to the relevant person in AAEON's Data Privacy Team.

For the purposes of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the controller of your personal information is AAEON Technology Inc., 5F, No. 135, Lane 235, Pao Chiao Rd., Hsin-Tien Dist, New Taipei City, 231, Taiwan, R.O.C., unless indicated otherwise.

AAEON Technology Inc. is not the controller of your personal information in situations such as:

  • Your personal information is used in conjunction with a contractual agreement with a specific AAEON subsidiary. The controller of your personal information will then be the AAEON contracting company, the legal entity you or your company has entered or will enter into a contractual agreement.
  • Your personal information is collected on location at an AAEON subsidiary. That subsidiary will then be the controller of your personal information.

Lodging a complaint

If you believe that your personal information has been processed in a way that does not comply with the relevant data protection laws, you can lodge a complaint directly with AAEON by emailing privacy@aaeon.com.tw.

Changes to the AAEON Privacy Policy

The AAEON Privacy Policy may be updated periodically. When this happens, we will change the date at the top of this document.