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    Webinars 2022

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    Webinar 2022 How deep learning enhances machine vision applications - 3 May 2022 at 15:00 CEST

    AAEON Technology Europe, MVTec Software GmbH, and Basler AG are partnering to provide an easy-to-use machine vision bundle with integrated deep learning technologies. Named the “UP Squared Pro AI Vision Development Kit”, the bundle is ready to us. Join our webinar on May 3rd to find out more about how easy it is for users from all industries to take their first steps with machine vision and deep learning.

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    Webinar 2022 How to Solve the Challenges of Managing Fleet AI/IoT Devices at the Edge - 6 April 2022 at 15:00 CET

    Looking to manage 100,000 devices globally on 1 single platform? As more and more businesses mass deploy edge AI devices around the globe, it has become increasingly difficult to centrally manage edge device fleets that are scattered particularly in hard-to-reach locations. Join our experts on Wednesday, 6 April at 15:00 CEST to learn more on how to efficiently remote manage edge devices at scale.

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    Webinars 2021

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    Webinar 2021 Robotics Development and Fleet Management on Cogniteam's Nimbus Cloud Platform & NVIDIA Isaac SDK

    Looking for tools to minimize the challenges of developing, building, and managing fleets of autonomous robots? This webinar will examine multiple hardware and software solutions that support the development of commercial-grade, AI-powered autonomous mobile robots (AMR). Join representatives from AAEON and Cogniteam and learn how to deploy these solutions to reduce the development time and cost of AMR projects.

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    Webinar 2021 AAEON Spotlight: Quarter 2 2021

    We invite you to get an inside look into AAEON's top products in Quarter 2 of 2021. Hear from our product experts about the newest products and latest features from AAEON in Q2 2021.

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    Webinar 2021 Autonomous Mobile Robots for Intelligent Warehouse and Manufacturing Logistics

    Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) are the key to the future of intelligent warehouse and manufacturing logistics. They help to make processes and workflows more efficient and productive, while performing time-consuming and non-value added tasks such as transporting, picking, and sorting products as well as inventory management. Join AAEON on April 28 at 15:00 CET to learn about the new technologies that are available to help you remain competitive and profitable in this new age.

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    Webinar 2021 Smart Factory Solutions: How does Ericsson accelerate Industrial 4.0 with 5G?

    Join AAEON and Ericsson as we share how smart manufacturing with 5G can optimize processes for efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability as well as increase production and profitability through automation. Sasidhar Yalavarathi from Ericsson will share insider information about the Ericsson USA 5G smart factory. Discover the tools you will need to build a smart factory solution with AAEON at this one-hour webinar.

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    Webinar 2021 Introduction to Intel® oneAPI

    This webinar will offer an introduction to the Intel® oneAPI with focus on how to effectively use oneAPI tools and libraries to get the best out of your existing hardware or prepare your software for the next generation heterogeneous processors and accelerators. The webinar will also cover what products are oneAPI compatible today and how developers can start their oneAPI embedded project.

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    Webinar 2021 AAEON Spotlight Q1 2021

    We invite you to get an inside look into AAEON's top products in Quarter 1 of 2021. Hear from our product experts about all the latest features and updates of our hottest products.

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    Webinar 2021 Smart Agriculture: Technological Innovations Reshaping the Way Farming is Done

    Through the help of IoT and AI/Robotics, technology can provide real time insights, autonomous machinery, live monitoring of animals and crops, and much more. Join AAEON on January 27 at 15:00 to discover more about the Smart Agriculture technology that can lower stress on labor and increase efficiency in gathering crops.

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    Webinars 2020

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    Webinar 2020 Getting Started with Yocto Project on AAEON Boxer AI@Edge Solutions, Powered by NVIDIA

    This one-hour training will give you an introduction on how to use Yocto Project with the support recently added for AAEON Boxers, powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX modules. The webinar will help you to help a highly optimized, efficient, and reliable operating system using the Yocto Project, including how to customize it to fit your needs.

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    Webinar 2020 Connecting the dots: 5G Ready for AI & IoT?

    Are you ready for 5G?
    Over the next five years, 5G will lead to a massive increase in AI devices at the edge. With new IoT innovations and expanded AI capabilities, the world will be smarter and more connected than ever. Join us to learn more about how you can impress the market with cutting edge, 5G-enabled AI solutions.

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    Webinar 2020 How to supercharge your smart monitoring solution?

    Smart monitoring camera is widely applied everywhere surround us. What if we could make it smarter? What if we could extract more information from it? Join us and understand more regarding how AI Tech and AAEON help to supercharge your existing Smart monitoring solution.

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    Webinar 2020 Implementing AI Vision Systems

    The challenges for developers today in AI development are AI model training and deployment. To bridge the gap, an OS with long-term security updates, remote deployable APPs and deep neural networks, end-to-end encryption, user-friendly AI inference (nGin) and optimized hardware platforms shall be taken care and considered at once. In this webinar, we are going to share what we have done and how it can be beneficial for you.

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    Webinar 2020 Touchless Technology & 3D Face recognition

    Facial recognition is an amazing technology helping enhanced security project, expedite processes and automate identification which supercharges industries such as transportation, banking and retail.

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    Webinar 2020 Smart cameras and deep learning for computer vision on the edge

    The flexible and modular design of the UP Wahtari Smart cam, allows users to easily swap sensors with different resolutions and frame rates or inference speed. Utilizing Wahtari’s proprietary AI platform, you can develop a range of computer vision tasks from license plate recognition to quality control, analysis of medical images, or even facial recognition in the public security sector.

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    Webinar 2020 How to bring surveillance to the next level by adding intelligence?

    Surveillance cameras are installed everywhere today by recording footage passively, how can we bring it to the next level by adding intelligence inside?
    Do you want to know more about a smart surveillance solution which understands what it sees and reacts on it? It monitors an area by creating a virtual fence, generates heat map and counts people flow to give insights. All of these features come in one solution.

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    Webinars 2019

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    Webinar 2019 Secure and Robust OTA Updates with UP and Mender.io

    Introduction to a secure and robust over-the-air (OTA) software update process using UP Squared and Mender: an open source update manager for connected devices. We will cover key considerations for being successful with software updates to connected devices

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    Webinar 2019 Secure Global Connectivity to deploy and monetize Enterprise IoT

    Arkessa will present the value adding benefits of Managed Connectivity services for Cellular IoT and how we are helping our customers get to market quicker with managed IoT solutions and new business models with recurring revenue streams. Arkessa works with AAEON to help build connectivity services into the UP product families and optimize product development and deployment.

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    Webinar 2019 A hardware and software platform for implementing and integrating AI applications at The Edge

    Eurotech’s Multi-service IoT Gateways combine the powerful hardware acceleration of the AAEON AI Core X AI Edge Computing Board with Eurotech’s Everyware Software Framework (ESF), to achieve a complete platform for AI applications at the edge, with data connectivity to sensors and cloud, image processing, and deep neural network inferences

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    Podcast Lifting AI Makers Into the Professional Arena with AAEON and Intel - Intel on AI episode

    There are many individuals (makers) creating artificial intelligence (AI) enabled solutions and many of which may help drive AI to the next level. Yet, there is a challenge for makers when moving from an inexpensive board used for development to large scale production that requires much more specialization and infrastructure. Aling Wu, the AI and IoT Alliance Director at AAEON, joins the Intel on AI Podcast to discuss how the AAEON UP Board Computer Board family for Professional Makers helps bridge the gap from maker market to large scale production.

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    AI Real Demo

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    Deepomatic just built something cool on UP Xtreme, check it out!

    Deepomatic, a partner of AAEON, leveraged the power of our UP Xtreme board providing an end to end platform to industrialize video recognition projects.

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