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    Combining AAEON’s design expertise with the power of Intel® processors, the UP Bridge the Gap brand offers a diverse range of products, including the smallest x86 industrial developer board compatible with Raspberry Pi 40-pin block architecture. UP also produce compact, robust edge systems with Azure certified hardware, along with Ubuntu certified computing development kits to facilitate innovation in development across industries.

    UP | Bridge the gap

    About UP

    UP - Bridging the Gap Between Innovation & Reality

    UP Bridge the Gap is a brand that provides innovative and reliable industrial x86 developer boards incorporating the latest technology for industrial makers and developers, alongside 24/7 online technical support to help them easily realize their ideas and bring projects to mass production without barriers.

    UP X Intel Edge AI Solutions

    UP boasts a diverse range of Intel products, complemented by AI modules to facilitate the seamless integration of AI into your applications.

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    The UP Industrial Eco-system

    Being a part of the UP Industrial Eco-system opens the door to wider opportunities to display your ingenuity on the biggest stages, with benefits including access to events held by our strategic partners. It also provides marketing benefits via multimedia channels such as successful stories, eNews blasts, and even webinars to maximize visibility and generate leads for products.

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    UP X AAEON Design Manufacturing Service & Collaboration Models

    UP solutions are backed by world-class service to reduce time to market. AAEON’s end-to-end solutions enable you to maximize your investment in with professional support. AAEON addresses your needs, from existing products customization to bespoke, project-based solutions.