UP x Hailo | The Best Intel Edge AI Solutions with Hailo

    UP X Intel X Hailo:

    Comprehensive Platforms for Hailo

    AAEON's UP brand is at the forefront of market-ready, AI application building platforms, delivering cutting-edge functionality to the edge through strategic partnerships with Hailo and Intel®. We provide versatile computing platforms in the form of both single board computers and Mini PCs, empowering users to create and expand their deep learning applications seamlessly across the Industry 4.0, smart city, and automotive markets.

    As a leader in producing power-efficient yet sophisticated AI acceleration modules, Hailo plays a pivotal role in enhancing the market-readiness of UP's diverse catalog, offering a comprehensive library of inference models and software development frameworks to incorporate AI into your projects. It is this combination of UP’s innovative hardware with integrated Intel® technology and Hailo’s stellar AI expansion modules that makes creating world-class, industrial solutions easy.

    The Hailo-8™ M.2 2280 AI module, with its impressive 26 TOPS and remarkable low typical power consumption of just 2.5W, is a cost-effective, high-performance solution for real-time AI task execution at the edge. AAEON's catalog of UP developer boards and Mini PCs are tailor-made to accommodate Hailo modules with expertly designed developer boards featuring onboard Intel® CPUs, offering you a 360° solution equipped with everything needed for success.


    Why Choose UP?

    Faster to Market

    With a portfolio of platforms boasting a diverse range of processors and interfaces, solutions can be tailored to specific project needs using existing UP products. Intel Atom®-based SKUs can harness the 26 TOPS of inferencing performance offered by the Hailo-8™ module while maintaining efficiency. Alternatively, advanced UP platforms allow you to combine more powerful CPUs with multiple Hailo-8™ modules to scale up AI performance.

    Future-Proof Software

    UP not only provides a hardware foundation with which to build applications but also accommodates the growing sophistication of software stacks by guaranteeing support for easy and painless software upgrades. With the Hailo-8™ module’s compatibility with open-source machine learning frameworks and the substantial resources offered by the UP Community, your project can stay on the cutting edge of innovation, rather than being left behind by it.

    Peripheral Device Integration

    UP products offer versatile I/O configurations that integrate peripheral devices to unleash AI’s full potential. With the ability to incorporate hardware components like 3D cameras, light sensors, and MCUs, UP products channel the AI performance of the Hailo-8™ module. This gives you the potential to unlock a wide variety of functionality, from producing precise object detection models and harnessing the power of LiDAR to real-time navigation using ROS2.

    The AI Inferencing Performance with Hailo


    UP Products X Hailo

    The UP product line offers a dynamic range of Hailo-compatible developer boards and Mini PCs, equipped with an extensive lineup of onboard Intel® processors. These options span from efficient Intel® Atom®, Pentium®, and Celeron® platforms for cost-efficient and low-power solutions to exceptionally powerful, densely populated boards and systems that harness the latest in Intel® technology, including onboard 13th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors. With five form factors across both board and Mini PC product lines in dimensions as small as 85mm x 56mm, AAEON’s UP range caters to clients seeking to develop diverse vertical market applications, making UP the ideal partner to provide a robust foundation for advanced AI integration using the Hailo-8™ M.2 2280 AI module.

    UP Hailo | UP Squared i12
    12/13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® Processor SoC (formerly Alder Lake-P/Raptor Lake)
    UP Hailo | UP Xtreme i12
    12/13th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® Processor SoC (formerly Alder Lake-P/Raptor Lake)
    UP Hailo | UP Squared Pro 7000
    Intel Atom® x7000E Series, Intel® Processor N-series and Intel® Core™ i3-N305 Processor (formerly Alder Lake N)
    UP Squared i12 Edge
    12th/13th generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® Processor SoC (formerly Alder Lake-P/Raptor Lake)
    12th/13th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3/Celeron® Processor SoC (formerly Alder Lake-P/Raptor Lake)
    Intel Atom® x7000E Series, Intel® Processor N-series, and Intel® Core™ i3-N305 Processor (formerly Alder Lake-N)
    UP Hailo | UP Squared V2
    Intel® Pentium® Celeron® Processor SoC

    UP Hailo | UP Squared V2 Edge
    Intel® Pentium® Celeron® Processor SoC
    UP Hailo | Hailo-8™ M.2 2280
    Powered by 26 TOPS Hailo-8™ AI Processor