UP Xtreme 7100 | PathfinderUP Xtreme 7100 | Pathfinder

    AAEON’s Pathfinder - UP Xtreme 7100

    Do you have these problems building up robotics?

    ● You need to buy multiple separate parts to build your robotics hardware…

    ● A whole assembly line building robotics systems comes with big costs, high manpower, more time …

    How does AAEON’s Pathfinder solve these problems?

    UP Xtreme 7100 saves you from an extra control PLC, providing onboard 24V DIO, CANbus and computing power, so your assembly is simpler.

    ● Because UP Xtreme 7100 already has everything, you do not have to find and maintain extra parts!

    Accelerate Your Success with AAEON Pathfinder

    Deploy with Ease

    Combining a computing unit and control PLC into one compact, low-profile system both saves space and allows for easy hardware integration.

    Reduce Your TCO

    A Pathfinder removes the need to buy, install, and maintain several component parts, allowing you to save on manpower, installation, and equipment costs.

    Do you want to keep up with the technology?

    You are using AGVs, but if one stops, they all STOP!

    +AI makes your AGV fleet smarter!

    With +AI flexibility, the UP Xtreme 7100 can enable AGVs to deviate from preprogrammed pathways for continuous operation if one unit fails, removing bottlenecks before they occur.

    Inside the Pathfinder — UP Xtreme 7100's Blueprint


    Meet the Pathfinders: Your Ultimate Tech Team!

    UP XTREME 7100

    UP Xtreme 7100 Developer Board with Intel® Processor N-series Processor

    UP XTREME 7100


    UP Xtreme 7100 Edge | Advanced AMR AGV Robotics Development System


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