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    UP 7000

    UP 7000 Developer Board with Intel® Processor N-series Processor (formerly Alder Lake-N)



    Bridging the gap to the third generation of the acclaimed UP Board range, the UP 7000 surpasses expectation in every way. The world’s smallest developer board featuring the Intel® Processor N-series platform (formerly Alder Lake-N), the UP 7000 makes the jump to LPDDR5 system memory and Intel® UHD Graphics, along with onboard TPM 2.0 and support for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Combining these features with reliable, fanless operation enables users to seamlessly blend high-speed connectivity with superior graphics for use in applications such as digital signage, medical imaging, and AMR.

    The World’s Smallest

    Maintaining the 3.34” x 2.20” (85mm x 56mm) credit card-sized form factor of the original UP Board, along with its Raspberry Pi-compatible 40-pin HAT, the UP 7000 is the world’s smallest developer board featuring the new Intel® Processor N-series (formerly Alder Lake-N).

    Onboard LPDDR5 System Memory

    8GB of onboard LPDDR5 system memory provides exceptional data transmission speed for peripheral devices. Three USB 3.2 Gen 2 ports, GbE LAN, and a Raspberry Pi-compatible 40-pin HAT make the UP 7000 suitable for applications typically requiring boards with denser onboard interfaces, such as AMR.

    Superior Vision with Intel® UHD Graphics

    Substantially upgrading graphics performance, Intel® UHD Graphics offers an additional 6 execution units at 24 compared to its predecessor’s 18, along with higher execution speeds to aid deep learning. When paired with the board’s HDMI 1.4b interface, a higher number of execution units and greater frequency grant faster rendering and more FPS for applications such as digital signage.

    AI, Accelerated

    Hosting CPUs with clock speeds up to 50% faster than those of its predecessors, along with Intel® AVX2 support for energy-efficient AI acceleration in such a miniature board; the UP 7000 is a low-power, high-performance solution for medical imaging and multifunction printing device applications.

    Fanless, Versatile, Reliableanagement

    Despite its small size, high-powered CPU platform, and LPDDR5 system memory, the UP 7000 has a fanless design, making it reliable in more deployment environments. Additionally, the board’s low power consumption to performance ratio makes it a more energy efficient solution, all without sacrificing quality.


    • Intel® Processor N-series
    • Onboard LPDDR5 Memory, up to 8GB
    • Onboard eMMC Storage, up to 64GB
    • 1Gigabit LAN x 1
    • HDMI 1.4b x 1
    • USB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-A) x 3, 10-pin USB 2.0 x 2/UART x 1
    • 40-pin GPIO x 1
    • 12V DC-in, 5A
    • TPM 2.0

    UP 7000 | The Smaller, Faster, 3rd Generation BoardUP 7000 | The Smaller, Faster, 3rd Generation Board
    Raspberry Pi-CompatibleRaspberry Pi-Compatible
    for Applications like digital signage, medical imaging and AMRfor Applications like digital signage, medical imaging and AMR

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    Specifications [UP 7000]

    processorIntel® Processor N200
    Intel® Processor N97
    Intel® Processor N100
    Intel® Processor N50
    (formerly Alder Lake-N)
    GraphicsIntel® UHD Graphics
    MemoryDual-Channel LPDDR5, up to 8GB
    StorageUp to 64GB eMMC
    I/OHDMI 1.4b/USB 3.2 Gen 2 STACK Connector x 1 (Type-A)
    4-pin Front Panel x 1
    2-pin Fan Wafer x 1 (12V)
    2-pin RTC Battery Wafer x 1
    USBUSB 3.2 Gen 2 (Type-A) x 3
    10-pin USB 2.0 x 2/UART x 1
    Expansion40-pin GPIO x 1
    Display InterfaceHDMI 1.4b x 1
    Ethernet1GbE RJ-45 x 1 (Realtek RTL8111H CG)
    SecurityOnboard TPM 2.0
    OS supportWindows® 10 Enterprise LTSC 2021
    Linux: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS/Kernel 5.15, Yocto 4.0
    power requirement
    Power12V DC-in, 5A
    Power Supply TypeAT (default) /ATX
    Power Consumption (Typical)30~36W
    Dimension3.34” x 2.20” (85mm x 56mm)
    Net Weight0.33 lb. (0.15Kg)
    Gross Weight0.44 lb. (0.20Kg)
    Operating Temperature32°F ~ 140°F (0°C ~ 60°C) / 0.5 airflow
    Operating Humidity0% ~ 90% relative humidity, non-condensing
    MTBF685,218 Hours
    CertificationCE/FCC Class A, RoHS Compliant, REACH

    Ordering Information [UP 7000]

    Part NumberUP-ADLN100-A10-0432UP-ADLN100-A10-0864UP-ADLN200-A10-0864UP-ADLN50-A10-0432UP-ADLN97-A10-0432UP-ADLN97-A10-0864
    cpu N100 N100 N200 N50 N97 N97
    core 4 4 4 2 4 4
    tdp 6W 6W 6W 6W 12W 12W
    lpddr5 4GB 8GB 8GB 4GB 4GB 8GB
    memory 32GB 64GB 64GB 32GB 32GB 64GB

    Downloads [UP 7000]

    • Datasheet
    • BIOS
    • Driver
    • Manual

    Packing List

    • UP 7000 with Passive Heatsink

    Optional Accessories

    125530060L PowerAdapter (TF)PowerAdapter.DC.100/240V.12V.5A.60W.Powertron.PS1065- 120IB500.