Time clocks are a vital tool in keep track of the time an employee works on the job. However, many jobsites in construction or remote field work, lack the necessary infrastructure to support internet connected time clocks. One company developed a biometric time clock application which could connect with a timekeeping cloud service via wireless communication including cellular services. In order to deploy their software, the company needed a rugged hardware system that could work anywhere and be installed quickly and easily with little infrastructure needed. The company turned to AAEON to find a suitable hardware solution.


    AAEON worked closely with the company to identify their key needs and requirements, and selected the RTC-700B 7-inch rugged tablet PC as the best solution for the job. The RTC-700B offers several advantages to deploying the company’s biometric time clock system.

    The RTC-700B is built to stand up to the harsh conditions of field work, with IP65 environmental sealing, and passing MIL-STD-810G drop testing of 122cm. The RTC-700B can operate in weather conditions from -20°C up to 60°C and features a sunlight readable screen to ensure work carries on even outdoors.

    The RTC-700B’s compact size makes it perfect to install anywhere as a time clock, with minimal set up required, even in tight spaces. Built in RFID and smart card reader gives the RTC-700B flexibility for the task, and expandable modules allow for custom add-ons such as I/O ports, 2D barcode scanner, or providing custom configurations with AAEON manufacturer services.

    The RTC-700B features support for several wireless communication protocols including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as optional support for 3G or LTE cellular communication. With hot-swappable battery, the RTC-700B can provide day-long operation anywhere the work is.

    Customers can also opt for the RTC-700RK, with all the same features of the RTC-700B, but with the open source Android operating system.

    Why AAEON?

    AAEON is an industry leader in embedded computing, utilizing our experience and expertise to provide top notch service and support.

    AAEON Rugged Tablet Computers provide flexibility for mobile and embedded applications, and customization services provide configurability.


    7” Rugged Tablet X86-based Windows® 10 up to 1.92 GHz Quad Core Processor



    7英吋ARM架構強固型平板電腦,搭載瑞芯 Rockchip RK3288 1.6 GHz 四核心處理器及Android™ 作業系統