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    Intelligent Street Lighting

    Intelligent Street Lighting

    Bright street lighting improves road safety, helps to reduce crime, and makes cities more vibrant and attractive places for both businesses and communities. Traditional street lights, however, are a massive drain on public finances and a major contributor towards climate change.

    To save money and meet a growing public demand for energy efficiency, cities around the world are in the process of replacing old street lights with low-power LEDs. But this upgrade can’t be the end of the story for 21st century lighting systems. Even if modern cities never sleep, the people who live in them do, and lights don’t need to shine at the same intensity throughout the night.

    In the smart cities of the future, we need a way to manage when – and how brightly – public lights shine. With a network of sensors and intelligent management systems, AAEON Intelligent Lighting Controls can respond to real-time factors to dim or turn on and off lights on a system-wide, specified-group, or individual level.

    With this technology, we can begin shaping the smart cities of the future right here in the present.


    AAEON Intelligent Lighting Controls Benefits

    1. Advanced controls

    Inefficient timers can be replaced with flexible, individual controls

    2. Energy efficiency

    By dimming unnecessary lights and diverting power away from faulty units, energy consumption can be slashed

    3. Improved maintenance

    Maintenance work can be sped up through the real-time reporting of faults

    4. Financially prudent

    Installing controls as part of a pre-arranged LED upgrade makes good business sense

    5. An IoT platform

    Additional sensors and smart city infrastructure applications – such as smart parking, smart waste, and air sensors–can easily be added later

    System Structure Example


    Central Management System (CMS)

    AAEON Street Light Control is a versatile software application that helps operators manage street lighting networks. The tool is effective with networks of all sizes, and it can even handle networks comprising street light systems in separate municipalities.

    Even with very large projects, AAEON Street Light Control makes it easy to manage small groups of street lights or specified actions. Through the application’s notification services, operators will be informed in real time about hardware malfunctions, and they can also take advantage of the application’s powerful management tools to more efficiently and cost-effectively ensure that networks run as designed.

    AAEON Street Lighting Control can be based on either a server or the cloud, and it supports LoRa™, NB-IoT, and Sub-GHz communication channels. As such, it can consolidate street lighting control hardware produced by a range of
    different companies and also manage various open protocol sensors and actuators. With this comprehensive functionality, AAEON Street Light Control is also an effective smart city solution.