PICMG Single Board ComputersPICMG Single Board Computers

    PICMG Single Board Computers

    Available in Full-size and Half-size, AAEON's PICMG SBCs are Meant for Anyone Desiring Low Power Requirement and High Performance

    AAEON offers full-size and half-size slot SBCs, catering to legacy ISA, PCI and the latest PICMG 1.0 and 1.3 standards. From low power to high performance SBCs, these full featured slot SBCs offer rich features and great expandability for systems. AAEON also offers complimentary industrial grade backplanes and chassis for every scenario.

    Benefits of Slot SBC

    Slot SBCs have been around for some time. They offer easy system expandability, easy maintenance, and quick faulty part replacements, which translates to lower downtime and cost savings.

    AAEON’s Slot-CPU Series

    AAEON offers an array of full-size and half-size SBCs, industrial backplanes and industrial chassis.

    • Full-Size SBC
    • Half-Size SBC
    • Industrial Backplanes
    • Industrial Chassis


    AAEON offers system configuration, assembly and validation services. Other services include:

    • ODM & Customization Services
    • Embedded Software Services
    • BIOS Customization Services
    • Extended Warranty