Smart retailSmart retail

    Smart Retail

    AAEON Solutions are The Building Blocks for Intelligent Brick and Mortar Shopping.

    More and more retailers are looking to bring AI powered Industry 4.0 solutions into their businesses. Smart Retail is more than just a buzzword, it’s integrating IoT and edge computing to provide enhanced customer experience, up to date inventory management, and improved loss prevention. Smart Retail helps give traditional retailers a leg up in an age of increased online shopping, as well as power new and innovative solutions like unmanned stores.

    By utilizing technologies like facial recognition, product tracking, and purchase analysis, retailers can custom tailor the shopping experience to each individual shopper through actions like product suggestions and offers based on shopping history, suggesting related items based on what the customer has picked up, or automatically tracking VIP rewards and benefits. These technologies can also help with the backend of the store, with live tracking of inventory to facilitate just-in-time stocking and ordering. The safety of customers, employees and the store can be enhanced by using behavioral analysis and virtual fence technologies. Smart security systems can alert staff of potential shoplifters or when a customer enters a restricted area.

    AAEON is leading the industry in providing the hardware solutions for these applications. From compact embedded AIoT Gateways and AI powered edge computing platforms to network video recorders and IoT nodes. Our products are built for Industry 4.0 and are designed to be flexible to suit our customers’ specific needs.


    • Facial Recognition
    • Edge Computing
    • Virtual Fence


    • AIoT Gateways
    • Embedded AI Edge Computing Boards and Systems
    • Network Video Recorders
    • IoT Node Boards and Systems