AAEON x Intel Core Ultra | Meteor LakeAAEON x Intel Core Ultra | Meteor Lake

    Launch Your Creativity to New Heights

    Harnessing the stratospheric boost in AI and graphics performance offered by the Intel® Core™ Ultra processor (formerly Meteor Lake) family, AAEON doesn’t offer you a roadmap, it offers you a trajectory.

    Beginning with the UP Xtreme i14, AAEON opens a world of opportunities. Equipped with both Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 and 7 processors, the UP Xtreme i14 offers Intel® Arc™ graphics alongside the signature characteristics of the UP Xtreme line, including a 40-pin GPIO, MIPI camera support, and a multitude of interfaces with which to utilize AI in advanced robotics solutions.

    Not long after, the PICO-MTU4 will illustrate the benefits of the Intel® Core™ Ultra processor range’s power-efficient, yet superior embedded performance on the small, versatile PICO-ITX form factor.

    What's New?

    Build, Launch, Accelerate

    AAEON x Intel Core Ultra | Meteor Lake

    Integrated AI Acceleration

    Intel® Core™ Ultra processors combine CPU, GPU, and NPU into a single platform, enabling the parallel throughput of high graphics

    workloads, offering 1.5 x the AI performance.

    Game Changing Graphics

    Integrated Intel® Arc™ Graphics offer a 2.3 GHz render clock frequency with Intel® AI Boost, 8 Xe-cores, and Ray Tracing,

    with up to 3.13x the graphics performance vs Intel® Core desktop™ processors.

    Maximized Microarchitecture

    The Intel® Core™ Ultra platform is built on the new Intel® lithography and incorporates multiple compute engines within a single

    SoC, including P-cores, E-cores, Intel® Arc™ GPU, and Intel® AI Boost.

    Broader Development Frameworks

    Full support for Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit is joined by development resources such as OpenCL™ 4.6, OpenGL® 3.0,

    oneAPI, Vulcan 1.2, and DirectX 12 extensions.


    Intel Technology

    3D Performance Hybrid Architecture

    Delivers supercharged performance and long battery life.

    Built-in Intel Arc Graphics

    Provides up to 2x faster graphics performance than previous generations.

    AI Efficiency

    Up to 70% faster generative AI performance.

    Power Saving

    Up to 70% faster generative AI performance.

    Enhanced Thread Directors

    Optimizes performance by distributing resources better.

    Deeper Connectivity and Compatibility

    Supports the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4 technology.


    Ready to Unlock the Ultra Potential?