Mobile Network Testing



    Mobile networks, like all other technologies, are subjected to a series of testing to ensure reliability; One such method is drive testing.

    While only partly related to vehicles, the method involves driving test equipment to different areas of a defined location for collecting data for various parameters so that the quality of the network can be determined. By this definition, it is clear that the hardware needs to be small and light enough for in-vehicle usage, with scalable performance levels to handle networks of different complexities, and considering the scale of the assignment, built for prolonged usage.

    One of Asia’s largest vendors of mobile network testing has thus opted for AAEON’s offerings for this purpose.

    AAEON's Solution

    NanoCOM-BT COM Express CPU Module

    Operating electronics inside a moving vehicle can be challenging. However, the NanoCOM-BT is still very capable of performing these tasks due to its features and characteristics: it is fanless and weighs merely 0.2 kg; consumes very little power yet offers a complete suite of the most- desired capabilities, for instance, onboard CPU, memory, storage, high speed I/Os, and HD displays, with the former three being soldered onto the board for a more consistent connection. The module is also screwed down to the carrier board to minimize the effects of vibrations and maintenance efforts.

    Different SKUs powered by a vast selection of low to high-end CPUs are available to suit the requirements of its applications. In addition, the module is designed to work under an extended temperature range of -40°C – 85°C for implementation in harsh environments.



    Aiming to provide AAEON’s customers with a quick solution to problems encountered while using AAEON’s products, Q-service played an important role in this project.

    Through this service, engineers from both the client and AAEON will be in direct contact so that technical issues are quickly and openly communicated for a speedy and efficient remedy. Input from the AAEON team may serve as an extension to the client’s design ideas for the most accurate and error-free solution.

    In this case study, an initial sample is readily available once the NanoCOM-BT has been chosen, and the setup process is followed up quickly and steadily as questions/issues on compatibility and circuitry with the vendor-designed carrier board is swiftly addressed, sometimes less than 24 hours. After which the final product is meticulously tested and evaluated for the top-most quality and maximum cost effectiveness.


    Using the NanoCOM-BT in drive testing is another example of the module’s versatility in today’s technology-driven world. With diverse product offerings and comprehensive client support, AAEON assures its clients any applications will be up and running in the shortest possible time.