Interactive Patient InformationInteractive Patient Information

    Application Story: Interactive Patient Information

    The Challenge

    To perform their jobs more effectively, doctors and nurses need immediate access to up-to-date information about their patients, and they don’t want to rely on paper records that can easily be lost or damaged. Additionally, an electronic information service that visitors could consult to find out where their loved ones are would greatly benefit hospital staff by freeing them from a time-consuming duty.


    AAEON’s solution

    Using AAEON’s RICO-3288, the customer developed a comprehensive electronic information system. In patient rooms, each bed has its own display showing patient information including treatment details and the names of the attending doctor and nurse. The hardware also supports HMI technology which would allow hospital staff to directly update information on the panel.

    Separate hallway displays show a complete floorplan including emergency exits. By tapping on a room, visitors can see if patients are in their room or whether they’ve been taken for a procedure such as an X-ray.

    All displays receive real-time updates from a central controller and run on the Android 6.0 OS to deliver high-resolution images.

    Why AAEON?

    • AAEON has years of experience developing solutions for the medical industry.
    • AAEON has the ability to combine the flexibility and short development times of RISC technology with high-resolution, Android-based solutions.